Zac Efron Movie Marathon This Week – Join Me

Between some back and forth tweets and chatting, I have decided to have a Zac Efron Movie Marathon this week, and hope you will all join me! I mean, who doesn’t want to watch this adorable face all week? Okay, okay, he’s a bit young, but we can still look right?

Here is how this is going to go down. Wednesday night at 7:30pm PDT, I will be watching Charlie St. Cloud. As soon as that movie finishes, I will stick in 17 Again. I realize some of you are in later time zones, and may not be able to stay awake as long. You can watch 17 Again before the other starts, if you’d like.

Then on Thursday night at 7:30pm PDT, I will be watching New Year’s Eve, followed by The Lucky One. I will be tweeting and facebooking throughout the movies, and hope that we will be close to the same spots in the movie, so we can have a girls’ night together, across the web!

I think it will be loads of fun, and I am even thinking of coming up with some Zac Efron themed snacks and drinks! Stayed tuned for those tomorrow morning, so you can attempt to have yours ready for our movie night. I’d love for you to comment and let me know if you will be joining me! I will be inviting some girlfriends over as well – the more, the merrier!

Make sure you are following me on Twitter and Facebook, so we can keep the chatter going!

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