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Donate Light Bulbs for Champions for Kids #GELightingCFK

Donate Light Bulbs to a Local Shelter for Champions for Kids

Last week I discussed participating in a SIMPLE Service Project with GE Energy Smart light bulbs, on behalf of Champions for Kids. I decided to take the challenge of purchasing some energy efficient light bulbs with the intent of donating them to a local shelter.  This simple act not only helps them by saving them from having to purchase lighting, but because they are Energy Smart, they will last them longer than their current bulbs, and cost them less in the long run. As a reminder, I also decided to purchase a bag of individual serving sized m&m’s, for the children.

The donation did not go quite as planned, but turned out awesome nevertheless. I went to my first choice of shelter, Hands of Hope, to make the donation. This is a place that helps keep people off the streets, or allows them to come in to take a shower and get cleaned up. They are also a place for children to come after school to get help with their homework. As I went into the building to make the donation, they informed me that they only have fluorescent lighting in their building, and couldn’t benefit from the donation. I told them they could return them and get bulbs that would benefit them, but they didn’t want to have to go through that effort. They were grateful, but suggested I find another place to donate. Since I already donated all of those great toiletry items to Hands of Hope for the Dial SIMPLE Service Project, I thought this might be a good idea.

I knew of another great place that could really use the new light bulbs. A local shelter for battered women and children is a large house that keeps these women and children safe.They keep it locked up tight, and what they do is amazing for these families. Because this is a large house, I just KNEW they would have some need of great light bulbs. I only wish I had thought of this sooner!

I went to the shelter with my mom and daughter, to make the donation. The local shelter is called Casa de Esperanza. The woman who answered the door was more than grateful for the donation. I think it was a rare donation to receive, that was very needed! I asked if I could take a photo with her and the donation, but she said it wasn’t allowed due to privacy issues. She allowed me to take a picture of the outside of the house, and told me there would be a Thank You card in the mail shortly. It was very sweet of them to send me a Thank You card.

It really does give you warm fuzzies to know you’ve helped someone else in need – or a lot of someones in this case!

You may never even know the impact you could have, or have had on someone else! Let’s do some good!

I sent off the $20 GE Coupon to one of my readers, to see what donation she could come up with for one of her local shelters. I am eager to hear how it goes, and will share with all of you when I do!

I just want to remind  you all that it doesn’t have to take a lot to help people in your own community. If you decide to participate in your own SIMPLE service project, be sure to report it on the Champions for Kids website!

To learn more about Champions for Kids, you can follow them on facebook and twitter. You can also learn about the GE Challenge revolving around Champions for Kids.

To assist you in your donations, don’t forget to print this GE Lighting coupon!


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