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Elmer’s and GE Simple Service Project for Champions for Kids + Energy Savings #GluenGlitter

Elmer’s and GE Simple Service Project for Champions for Kids

School is in full swing and the school projects are starting to roll out. To assist kids and classrooms in their projects, I decided to join the Elmer’s and GE Simple Service Project for Champions for Kids. Champions for Kids is an organization that strives to ensure that all children have the resources they need to thrive. Champions for Kids has really inspired me to do little things to give to the community and to those around me. For the Elmer’s and GE Simple Service Project, I decided to donate school supplies to my kids’ school, to help with their upcoming projects and needs. First I wanted to get in the spirit of school projects by creating my own presentation on behalf of GE.

I went to Walmart and purchased Energy Smart lightbulbs and did some comparison shopping to see which bulbs would work best in my kitchen, and would save me a good amount of money. I like a lot of light in the kitchen, and had many bulbs to replace so I went with the 6 pack of Energy Smart lightbulbs. I love that a 26 watt bulb from GE will replace a typical 100 watt bulb. The lighting is cleaner and more energy efficient.

While shopping for my Elmer’s Tri-Fold display board to showcase my savings, I decided to do a little school supply shopping for my kids’ school. To assist some of the students with their upcoming projects, I browsed the school supplies and spotted half an aisle dedicated to school supplies on clearance. I was able to get quite a few supplies on the cheap! I’m sure my oldest’s son’s teacher will appreciate the donations as she is a brand new teacher this year.

Once I got home, I had hubby swap out my kitchen floodlights for the Energy Smart bulbs. Looking at the boxes I calculated a savings of $28.20 for the 6 bulbs, for an entire year! Not too shabby! Now to replace the rest of the bulbs in my house so I can save even more every year!

I created a display board to showcase my savings. I used Elmer’s 3D Washlable Paint Pens – Classic Glitter Colors to create my giant lighbulb and add some color and spice to my presentation. I love this glitter glue because they are so easy to use and really jazz up any project. I tried to showcase the fact that the energy smart bulbs will last longer and will continue to save me $$ for years to come. I also used an Elmer’s Glue Stick to glue a GE reveal coupon to the board, to show others how to save even more money on the GE bulbs!

I learned a lot from my little school project and decided it was time to donate some school supplies to the school. Little girl and I headed to the school to pick the boys up, and make a little visit to my oldest son’s classroom. His teacher was very grateful for the donations, and it made the kids feel good to help out. I created a Google+ Album to take you through my entire shopping and crafting experience.

I found so many school supplies from $.25 in the clearance section at my Walmart. Head over and check yours out, and do a little to help your school and students out!

Enjoy decking out your school projects with Glue ‘N Glitter, and paying it forward to your local schools! Be sure to follow Elmer’s Craft it! facebook page for fun ideas, as well as Elmer’s on facebook and twitter. Follow Glue ‘n Glitter on twitter to join in the fun!

For more inspiration and ideas on how to serve in your community, follow Champions for Kids on twitter.


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