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Harness The Power of Monsuno

The animated nicktoons series, “Monsuno” has come to life in this brand new game for kids.

Monsuno has a history one must understand before you can embrace the scope of the show, game and collectibles.

MONSUNO…They hurtled through space eons before man existed.  They burned through the planet’s atmosphere and crashed into four corners of the world, bringing chaos, destruction and the extinction of the dinosaurs. Then as suddenly as they arrived, they vanished. NOW THEY ARE BACK! The rise of MONSUNO will spell the ultimate destruction of our planet or launch the courageous adventure of mankind’s newest hero, the unpredictable teenager, Chase Suno. Chase is on a quest to find his missing scientist father – the one who discovered the Monsuno in an attempt to harness the power source found deep in the layers of the planet.

When a potent energy source is discovered in the K-layers of the planet, scientist Jeredy Suno believes he’s struck a solution to the ever-mounting energy crisis. What he doesn’t know – this green energy source is a ticking time bomb.

Can it be controlled?

Once you have a basic set of Monsuno characters, you can begin game play. The object of play is to spin your core, which contains a Monsuno character, and try to hit the core of another player – popping their character out of the core. Players get points for hitting, and more points for popping. In Monsuno, there are good guys, bad guys and the government – just like real life! It’s a rather complicated mythology for adults, but kids seem to get this stuff and once they are into the story it guarantees hours and hours of play for your child.

The amount of Monsuno toys is somewhat overwhelming. In general the idea is you have Monsuno cores and transforming action figures.  With a flick of the finger you spin your core against an opponent with the goal of knocking his action figure out of the core.   You have blue Monsuno who are good, red Monsuno who are evil and black Monsuno who are the government and not yet known to be good or evil? But the fun is not only in the game play. The fun is in collecting cards, action figures and collectibles.

My boys had fun having over a few friends and trying out the game. There is a Nick Cartoon series and dvds which are helpful in embracing the mythology. It’s all new, and it’s set up to be the biggest and most comprehensive action figure/collectible series for children (and some adults) yet! Watch for it, the Monsuno is coming!!


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