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Should Curvy Women Wear Leggings?

What do you think – Should Curvy Women Wear Leggings?

The weather has started cooling off up here in Northern California and it has begged me to break out the leggings. I have put on some pounds this year, so it really made me question whether or not I could still pull of this look of leggings and long shirts/short dresses. Aside from that fact, I am knock kneed (a new fact you didn’t know about me), which makes me slightly more insecure about leggings. I love the style though and sometimes I think I can rock it.

I think one of the deciding factors in my mind is whether or not the top is log enough. For me, the top has to cover my booty when my arms are down, and my baby fat (Yes – I am still calling it that). lol

Without trying too hard to hurt my feelings, what do you think? Should curvy women wear leggings? Answer the anonymous poll below to weigh in.

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  • There is nothing wrong with curvy or overweight women wearing anything they want, as long as it as done with class. You don’t have to wear leggings with a short-short top that does not cover what needs to be covered. They have some really cute dresses out these days that can be placed with a chunky belt and leggings under it, add ballet shoes, and you have it goin on :). I have seen some very heavy women pull this look off with class and looked beautiful!

  • You go girl! Like you said, make sure the top is long enough – and yours is. And make sure to never wear flesh colored leggings – unless you’re hoping for double takes.

  • As long as the leggings fit well (no squeezing into a size too small!) so there is no stretching or weird bunching! I think any woman should feel free to wear whatever she wants as long as it fits well and makes her feel good.

  • You are not THAT curvy!!! I think the outfit in the pic is way cute and you can totally pull it off! Like was said above, you can make anything work, just keep it classy… Like u always do!! 😉

  • You’re wearing them perfectly. I wish everyone who wore leggings wouldn’t treat them like pants, and would wear a top that covers their bum!

  • Actually, I feel best in leggings and a long shirt/tunic. I think it hides what I don’t like and shows off what I do like. Plus, it’s comfortable. Win-win! I love the outfit you posted!

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