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Update Your First Aid Kit With Band-Aid QuiltVent Bandages #HealthyValue

Update Your First Aid Kit with Band-Aid QuiltVent Bandages

First Aid Kit with Band-Aid QuiltVent Bandages

As a mother of 4 very active children, there are probably more times than I’d like to count, where I need to whip out a bandage to either stop the bleeding, or just to make someone’s owies feel better. Every household should have Band-Aids on hand because you never know when one of those moments will arise. I personally think it is also important to keep a small First Aid Kit in your car as well. If you have any accidents while at the park or other public place, you can run out to your car to get the kids (or adults) all fixed up, and back to having fun.

My medicine cabinet and First Aid Kit were a bit of a mess, with much disorganization. After recently learning about the new QUILTVENT® Technology in BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages, I decided perhaps it was time to make a new Band-Aid purchase and update my First Aid Kit. The new Band-Aids with QuiltVent Technology create air channels for superior breathability and wicks away blood to keep wounds clean. When protecting our wounds; especially on our little ones, we should want the best! After all, a covered wound heals faster than an uncovered one, so let’s give them their best chances of healing with this new technology.

I made a trip to Sam’s Club to purchase a good sized box of BAND-AID® Brand Bandages with the new QUILTVENT® Technology. I went shopping with my mom and dad, and Little Girl. We of course had to stop for lunch, and get a hot dog, before shopping for new First Aid items. We love getting their hot dog and soda combo for just $1.50! Such tasty food for so cheap!

While shopping at Sam’s Club, I decided to purchase a 3-pack of Neosporin, Hydrogen Peroxide and 2 nice big boxes of Band-Aid Brand Bandages with new QuiltVent Technology.  For less than $10 per box you really get a great value! I love that the boxes come with a bonus package of Winnie the Pooh Band-Aids.

I decided to come home and organize my First Aid Kit. I had ace bandages in one spot, Bandages in another, and healing creams and ointments in another place. Time to get some organization and put my First Aid items all in one spot. I had the perfect sized tub for just the cause.

Now my First Aid Kit sits on a shelf in my bathroom closet. My boys can get to it with a stool if they absolutely need to, or I can easily grab it if someone gets injured. We always hope that doesn’t happen, but it’s bound to in some way. Hopefully any injuries will be minor enough that my First Aid Kit can take care of it. With the great values I received at Sam’s Club, and with what I had on hand at home, I think my Kit is mighty nice for not a ton of money. I’m sure the new QUILTVENT® Technology in the BAND-AID® Brand bandages will do a great job with those minor scrapes and scratches my kids get too often.

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