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Wittlebee: Kids Clothes Delivered Every Month

Wittlebee: Kids Clothes Delivered Every Month

The older my kids get, the more difficult clothes shopping has become. They have more opinions and likes and dislikes, yet they hate to shop! That’s my 3 boys anyway. Little Girl can always shop, as long as it’s for her. Heading out clothes shopping for the boys can be such a pain sometimes. You’ve got the cost of gas to drive to the mall (my mall absolutely stinks so I often drive 45 minutes away to a nice mall), then you have to worry about parking once you get there. Now that you are at the mall, you have to argue with the kids over which store to go to first. Mall shopping with my kids is not such a fun thing. I think my kids think that we will be shopping for a very long time, because after all, the mall is very big. As soon as we set foot into the mall, we are often destined for meltdowns.

What if I told told you that you could have NICE/STYLISH clothing delivered to your doorstep every month, without ever having to spend the time to shop for them? It’s true! With Wittlebee, you simple sign up (takes 30 seconds), and input your child’s size and any preferences they may have. You don’t need to browse through tons of clothes to pick ones out that you like. A box of 6 pieces of clothing, at $6 each, will be delivered to your house just like that! These boxes of clothes are of high quality and contain about $100 in retail value of clothes. Every month you will receive a different box of clothes, tailored to that season.

I was a little nervous at receiving my first box because I had no idea what to expect. I was floored with the adorable, high quality clothes that came for my 3 year old daughter. She LOVES every piece! The box that the clothes are delivered in is even super cute – covered in bees. I love that the colors and patterns of our October box all go together so we can mix and match outfits if we’d like. We received a very nice floral dress, which Little Girl wears to church, a cute blue corduroy jumper with pink accents, a long sleeve pink top to go under said jumper, blue corduroy pants with pink accents, blue leggings with lace trim and a cute grey tee with a cute pony on the front.

I love that the Wittlebee boxes come with a nice variety of clothes, from play clothes to more dressy clothes. at $6 per piece of clothing, you really do get a great bargain – especially considering you don’t have to spend gas or time shopping for them! Another huge bonus – SHIPPING IS FREE!!

You can cancel anytime, and don’t have to agree to purchase a box month after month. Just give it a try and see what you think! Don’t have young enough kids? You can gift a Wittlebee box to a loved one for the holidays! You can buy 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscriptions! For the one month subscription, you pay $39.99 even! Go check out Wittlebee NOW!


I received a Wittlebee box to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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