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Dance Central 3: Is It Really All That?

Dance Central 3

I don’t personally play a lot of video games like my boys do, but when I find a game I like, I tend to get hooked. I find myself trying to find a spare moment to sneak on my favorite games to have a little fun. The kind of video games I get hooked on are not the typical action, racing, battle type of games. I will admit that there have been times in my adult life where I could kill a game of Mario, but with not much time to spare, my go-to games are dancing and workout games!

I think there are a couple of reasons that I tend to be drawn to the dancing and workout games. For one, I am one busy work-at-home mama, and finding time to exercise can be rough. With dancing games, I find that I can actually move and groove, without realizing that I’m getting a workout in. Plus, it’s a bonus that I get to learn to become a better dancer!

Now that I’ve told you why I like to dance with video games, let me tell you about one of the hottest dancing games out there: Dance Central 3. Until this specific game, I had never tried any of the Dance Central games. I was a little nervous, but I looked at the ratings on Amazon, and I was shocked at how high the game is rated! So, I just had to give the game a try. I was a little leery of the fact that the game is rated Teen, because I don’t typically allow those kinds of games in my home. I asked around online, and some of my readers even said that they couldn’t figure out why it was rated T. Now that I have played the game, the possible reasons I came up with are: some of the dancers are dressed immodestly (showing stomach and shoulders), some of the songs may not be appropriate for kids, but they are ones you hear on the radio, and that some of the dance moves have slightly inappropriate names. If you read why the game is rated T, it says because of lyrics and mild suggestive themes. I am pretty conservative, but I’m really not too worried about the game being in my home, and around my kids. If we come across a risque song choice, we just skip it. I might not allow my kids to have this game out on their own, just so I can supervise, but then again, my kids are all under 9!

I received Dance Central 3 for the Xbox, I absolutely love that I can play with my Kinect, and have all of my moves picked up by the game. I think the songs and dances are current, and really a lot of fun. I think that navigating through the songs and the game is fairly simple, even with the Kinect. Some of the dance games I have played before had awkward dance moves that you would never see anyone do, but I felt like the dances in this game were very real and legit.

I can’t wait to have one of my girlfriends over so we can play (I mean – workout) together. This is something we try to do on a semi-regular basis. It’s a great way to switch up our routine.

Dance Central 3 can be found in a variety of stores, or you can purchase it on Amazon for $41.72!


I received a copy of Dance Central 3, to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  • Thanks Emily for the comment on Dance Central 3; I just bought if for my work out. It’s good to know someone else opinion and I don’t have to worry too much about the rating, my boys are 11 and 18, so I believe they are old enough. We will have out Christmas morning when Santa brings it to me. 😉 😉

  • I have so been wanting this…for my “workout”. My daughter and I love to dance thought this would be great way to do both. 😉

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