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Disney’s The Lion King Broadway Musical

Disney’s The Lion King Broadway Musical

Stunning – that’s the best word I can think of to describe Disney’s The Lion King on Broadway. From the moment the curtain goes up, our family was treated to a sensory feast. Not enough can be said about the imagination and creativity of the costumes and sets. You’re transported to the African savanna, and there you remain for the duration of the play, forgetting the world outside. At some point, you cease to think about the characters as humans, and instead are caught up in the tale of Simba and his struggle to become what his Pride expects him to be – their King. The music is enchanting and the choreography impeccable.

I was worried that my 3 guys wouldn’t be able to sit for the duration of a full Broadway Musical, but they were as enchanted as I. They did say they were tired near the end, but I think that was due to the lateness of the evening, not due to boredom. They’re not used to staying up so late.

If you’re thinking this is a remake of the classic Disney animated movie – think again. The story is the same, and most of the music is the same, but the visual artistry and choreography is a whole other beast! And, I must say, hearing the music performed live, adds a whole new dimension to the experience.

I guess the best way to describe the costumes would be to call it puppetry, but it goes beyond puppetry to a whole new dimension. It’s kind of a blend of puppetry with human mixed in. For example, the giraffe are humans on stilts, not only on their legs, but on their arms, as well, so the body of the human is bend forward as they lope across the stage. The gazelles are humans holding the form of a gazelle, as they leap across the stage simulating gazelle like movement. Amazing!! I must admit that I wasn’t at all bothered by the very strong-looking men who played the grass and other roles in the musical. They were almost works of art, that were quite enjoyable to look at!

In addition to being treated to the phenomenal show at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco, we were treated with a pre-show experience, courtesy of SHN. We we were able to meet the adult Simba and Nala, have autographs and even had a group photo taken. Hubby, me and my oldest were cut off, but you can see my twins in the front. The kids all received goodie bags with trinkets and treasures to help them remember the show. My oldest loves the The Lion King watch he received, and the twins love their stuffed Pumba and Timone. I thought it was very fitting that those were the animals they received.


Check out The Lion King’s schedule for San Francisco, so you can catch a show. The show will be in SF through January 13, 2013. You won’t regret it! Just as a side note, we didn’t take my youngest, who is 3 and a half. The show is recommended for ages 5+, but use your own judgement, as little ones may not be able to sit through the entire thing, while being quiet.


I received complimentary tickets to The Lion King, courtesy of SHN, to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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