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I’m a Powerful Princess and Nobody Can Stop Me

I was sitting in my room working when Little Girl runs in holding a giant nerf gun, with tears streaming down her face and crying loudly, “I’m a Powerful Princess and Nobody Can Stop Me!!” Then she screamed something about her brothers not getting her. This little girl seriously cracks me up time and time again. Seeing her in her cute little pink dress with a giant nerf gun, displays exactly the type of personality she has. After all, she does have 3 older brothers! She is such a wonderful addition to our family, and keeps us laughing all the time.

I felt badly that she was crying, but it was so difficult to fight back the giggles. She saw me smiling and it then made her smile and start to laugh. I love my funny girl.

I realized that the statement Brielle made, “I’m a powerful princess and nobody can stop me”, is something that we should all embrace. Can you imagine the confidence we would exude if we believed this statement, about ourselves?

I have been feeling very helpless lately, when it comes to my husband’s school and how poorly it is managed. They don’t seem to care about their students at all; or their success. It often feels like they even try to sabotage the students, just so they can get more tuition out of them. I think the majority of the students take longer to graduate than the allotted 3 years, because the school makes things so difficult. I realize they shouldn’t make things easy for the students, as they are going to be chiropractors in the end, but I’m not talking about the classes or grades. They have requirements set for the clinic, and then they make it nearly impossible to achieve those requirements in a reasonable amount of time. Not only that, but the doctors there are rude and demeaning to the interns. I was appalled at how my husband’s pod doc talked to him in front of his patients this week. So RUDE and uncalled for! How are patients supposed to respect my husband as their intern/doctor when the doctor over him treats him like a child, in front of his patients?! It is quite frustrating. I am starting to develop more of that “powerful princess mentality”, but until my husband does, it will be difficult to stop feeling so frustrated with the school. Not to say my husband should act like a princess, but the mentality, perhaps. Or maybe even a prince?

Do you have any personal affirmations or statements that you try to live by?

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  • Great post, and your daughter is cute. I don’t really live by any statements, but maybe I should make this my first it’s a good one.

  • I originally wrote this somewhat long comment, but then I had a hard time after I clicked “post comment” (issues with my internet). That aside, I can relate to your husband’s struggles. I used to allow my employers to disrespect me in front of others too because I did not have much experience. I assumed that being disrespected as a normal part of adjusting with others around me, and because I did not have the experience to fight back. I was dead wrong. If I could go back in time, and do it over, I would have told myself, “You’re worth it. You’re awesome at what you do regardless of your experience. You do not deserve to be treated that way.” It wasn’t until the summer of 2011 after becoming a licensed social worker in 2008, that I finally figured that all out. I only share this much with you, and to whomever else reads this, because I have seen this problem all too often in the medical community and with my patients. It doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, because doctors are humans too. I can’t tell you how many times I had to teach docs how to behave properly with their patients (and staff), because they were like a horse with blinders. Cultural competence is a biggie (for example). Anyhow, I hope these words find you well. ::hugs::

  • Thank you for the words of wisdom April! I read this to my husband as well. He is working on building confidence, and learning when it is okay to stand up for yourself!

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