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KNEAD ME Massage Oil Candle and Stone Set: “Couples Gift”

KNEAD ME Massage Oil Candle and Stone Set

I can’t imagine anyone saying no to a nice, relaxing massage at the end of the day. I am not one to turn such things down, especially when I know it’s going to be a good one! Per the request of a handful (or a lot) of readers, I decided to offer some type of “couples gift” in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. Discussing such items can be a sensitive subject, so I hope I can do so with taste and class. 

I was recently introduced to the KNEAD ME Massage Oil Candle and Stone set by Jimmy Jane. I figured this set would be a nice way to ease into such reviews and giveaways. After all, a massage CAN be just a massage; or perhaps it could lead to other things. 😉

This KNEAD ME Massage Oil Candle and Ceramic Massage Stone Set is an award-winning, double-sided massage stone and massage oil candle. These two items pair up quite nicely to get one relaxed after a long hard day (or weeks in my case).  Jimmy Jane boasts that this set is “perfect for spa-at-home treatments, and that this set makes the novice kneader an expert masseuse and offers couples a
chance to connect.” I could not agree with this statement more.

While I love receiving massages, I often get frustrated with my amateur masseuse of a husband. He is either too rough on sensitive areas or not deep in others. This ceramic stone has perfect contours to evenly work all areas. This was honestly the best massage I have received by my husband.

If you aren’t familiar with massage oil candles, you simply light the candle and wait for the wax/oil to burn down a bit. It smells great by the way! They recommend burning the candle for 30 minutes, but to have the recommended amount of oil, it only took about 10-15 minutes. You then blow out the candle and make sure the oil is cool enough to touch before using it to massage with. The warm oil feels very nice on the skin, and it helps the stone glide seamlessly across the body. The stone can be used a variety of ways, to yield different results. You can use the smooth side for more of a relaxing touch and then turn it over to use it’s little feet, to get/give more of a deep massage. If you have a particularly tight area, you may even want to use one of the feet to really work that area.

The KNEAD ME Massage Oil Candle and Stone Set would make for an awesome couples gift, or gift to your spouse. You can mark the calendar and switch off who will be on the receiving end of the massage! This set retails for $45.

The set includes:
AFTERGLOW Natural Massage Oil Candle
– Multi-Use – For scent, illumination, massage and skincare
– Body-Safe and Paraben-Free – No phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals.
– Perfect Melting Point – Liquefies into a luxuriant massage oil at body temperature
CONTOUR M Ceramic Massage Stone
– Award Winner – IDEA Award
– Body Safe – Double-fired biocompatible porcelain
– Holds Temperature – Can be warmed or cooled for extra stimulation

Now for the fun part! One Clever Housewife reader will win their own KNEAD ME Massage Oil Candle and Stone Set. This giveaway will end at 12:01am ET on 11/17. The winner will be contacted via email, and announced in a blog post. To enter, fill out the rafflecopter below. All entries will be verified.
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