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RSV Awareness and World Preemie Day

Did you know that there is a day dedicated especially for preemies? Even though I’ve had a preemie, I didn’t know that November 17th is World Preemie Day, until this year. I swapped the button on my facebook profile, for one with a half blue/half pink ribbon, in honor of my little preemie. A topic that often goes along with those preemie babies is RSV. While my little angel didn’t pass away due to RSV, she did have underdeveloped lungs, and many other problems. My baby wasn’t able to be saved, and you can read my entire story of infant loss if you’d like, but many babies can be saved just by becoming informed, and taking preventative measures. RSV Awareness is important to me because I wouldn’t want any other mother to have to face what I have faced, in having to bury a child. Of course, being informed won’t save everyone, but perhaps it can save someone.

Premature babies are at higher risk for RSV because of their underdeveloped lungs and immature immune system. RSV is a common virus that affects almost 100% of babies by the age of 2. RSV can be more severe for some, and even fatal. RSV is actually the most common cause for infant hospitalization. It can start out with cold-like symptoms, but for some babies, it turns into a lung infection. We have just entered the peak season for RSV, which is November – March.

The big thing to realize is that there is no treatment for RSV, which makes prevention imperative. Here are a few actions you can take to keep your baby safe:

  • Always wash your hands
  • Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke
  • Wash toys, clothing, and bedding often.
  • Keep your baby away from crowds, and people who are sick

Of course, you can always talk to your doctor about ways you can keep your baby safe from RSV. You can also visit RSVProtection.com to learn more.

Protect those babies!


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