Run Don’t Walk to Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph is a “bad-guy”, but he’s not a bad guy, and that makes all the difference in Wreck-It Ralph. Disney’s newest film showcases what makes Disney so great. There’s a solid story, dazzling detail, super cool settings, and heart-warming characters. I got to go with my family to an advance screening of Wreck-It Ralph and the kids rated it on a scale of 1-10 as a 9 – 9 1/2. I asked them again yesterday, and they gave it a full 10!  They sat so quietly and were engaged throughout the whole movie. Little Girl even got some of the gag lines, and quoted one of the jokes over and over on the car ride home. “Why did the Hero flush the toilet?”  “Because it was his duty.” She was even singing the theme song on the way home. Not only were there Heroes, Villains and a cute little girl – but in the end the cute little girl turned out to be a Princess which totally pleased my Little Girl.

Ralph is a 9′ tall 643lb oafish video game character who’s sole purpose in life is to wreck his tidy apartment building, brick by brick. He lives all alone in a brick heap and has the disdain of all the building tenants. When the building is wrecked, along comes Fix-It Felix with his magical hammer which has the power to heal anything broken. Of course, Felix has hero worship status of the tenants. Ralph has been so discouraged he’s started attending a “Bad Guy” support group to help deal with the intense dislike of his fellow game inhabitants and his feelings of loneliness. After being left out of the game’s 30th anniversary celebration, Ralph decides he must somehow gain hero status, and the only way to do that is to “game jump” and get a gold medal from the game “Hero’s Duty.”

Ralph begins his ill-advised, tenuous quest outside of his game, which takes him on an eventful adventure, not only in Hero’s Duty, but also a unexpected side trip into the girly Candyland game of “Sugar Rush.”

Along with Ralph- voiced by John C. Reilly, we meet some delightful characters, as well as some not so delightful folks. Jane Lynch is hilariously over the top as Sgt Calhoun. You can watch a clip of Jane Lynch, below. Comedienne, Sarah Silverman, is the engaging and funny Vanellope who has some memorable lines and jokes. She also faces peer rejection and must work out her game status as a glitch.

Of course, the story has some unexpected twist and turns and we come out at the end with greater understanding of self esteem issues all children must face at some time or another. Ralph is able to finally ascribe to the oft repeated affirmation of Bad-Anon, his “bad guy” support group – “I am bad and that is good. I will never be good and that’s not bad. There’s nobody I’d rather be than me.”

Take your family to Wreck-It Ralph for a great evening of entertainment and some good discussion with your children after the movie.

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I received free movie passes for the purpose of reviewing Wreck-It Ralph. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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  • I appreciated this review but this was actually independently produced by Disney, not Disney/Pixar! I understand where the confusion lies but this movie is made with Disney 3D like what Tangled was made with. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  • Thank you so much for catching that Sora! I actually knew this wasn’t a Pixar film, but it was very late and I was very tired when the review was written. Muddy brain as I call it!

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