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Watch This Season’s Romantic Comedy “Connecting Flights” #ConnectingFlights

Connecting Flights

In the past 15 months, I have flown more times and places than I have in my entire life. Working as a blogger has opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities, and it is really quite fun. I love to travel to new airports, new cities and new attractions. I also love flying over fluffy white clouds. I must admit that I kind of like to make sure I eat something at every airport. Sometimes I am just flying through a city and have to change planes, so I like to try to experience the city through the food at the airport. It’s something at least!

On one of my recent flights from New York, I had to stop for a slice of New York Pizza, before boarding the plane! It was delish!

The first time I ever flew when I was about 12. I flew out to Utah to visit my grandparents. That flight was very memorable for various reasons. I would have considered myself a mature 12, being the youngest of 6 kids. I was always surrounded by older kids, and I thought I was pretty mature. My mom walked me to my gate (because you could do that back then), said her goodbyes, and sent me off with a flight attendant. Because I was flying by myself, and it was my first time, a flight attendant had to walk me back to my seat. I remember it so well. I even got my own set of wings, via a pin. This particular airplane had two rows of 3 seats each, that faced each other. All of the unaccompanied minors had to sit in these seats. Perhaps some of the kids had parents with them, and they just didn’t want to sit next to them, but I was the lucky one to have the privilege of their company.

Picture this – a 12 year old girl who considers herself more of a pre-teen than a kid, surrounded by 5 squirmy, obnoxious kids. I was so excited to be flying, and even tolerated the kids I was with, because of my enthusiasm. While I thought I was mature, I wasn’t a snob. I was polite to the other kids – until one of them spilled their Sprite all over my shorts. That made for a wet rest of the trip to Utah. Not exactly the way I wanted to show up in a new city, after my first flight. Hey, it made for a great memory though, and I will never forget the first time I flew!

I’m not the only one with a great travel story. After all, have you seen this season’s romantic comedy, “Connecting Flights”? This movie is all about how two bloggers meet at an airport, after delayed flights, and of course, they fall in love! Check it out for yourself!

I love that got creative with this video. Did you see what was coming?

I want to hear your funny airport/air travel stories!


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  • I’ve met some very interesting people while traveling. The best plane conversation I ever had was with a retired teacher who worked in the NY prison system. Talk about fascinating conversation!

  • I don’t really have any funny stories.. 🙁 I had to run across the airport once and my skirt almost fell down, does that count? LOL

    That pizza looks great!

  • Agreed – I hadn’t flown in ten years… Then last year I flew to 5 different states! I love layovers… I like sitting down for a meal or drink, and getting to visit with other people from all over the world… 🙂

  • I flew from OC Cali to JK New York alone… with 3 kids all under 5. My daughter was 4, she puked the ENTIRE time… my youngest was 3. He occupied himself by talking to an Asian man who spoke 0 English but kept smiling and shaking his head at my kid while the other one puked in the aisle. My oldest switched seats so he wasn’t embarrassed. SO not funny then, kinda is now 😉

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