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Ask Dr. Jim and Bob Your Health Questions

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Health concerns are one of those things that we all face at one time or another, but we don’t always air it out for the whole world to hear. When I have a health concern, I have go scouring the internet for answers to questions or symptoms. I often find myself searching and searching, and rarely satisfied with what I find.

I would like to introduce you to Blue Shield of California’s Dynamic Duo: Dr. Jim and his sidekick, Bob. Need answers to questions? Dr. Jim and Bob have many answers, and they have a way about lightening the mood. After all, isn’t laughter supposed to be one of the best remedies? This dynamic duo offers an informative, yet entertaining approach to health care. Not only do they offer answers or information to some of those sensitive issues that you don’t love to talk about, but they offer a video that will give you answers, and make you chuckle! Just to name a few topics their videos cover: Sunburns, Insomnia, Snoring (a favorite), Diarrhea, Hiccups, Cold Sores, Heartburn and more.

Have you ever wondered about constipation, and how to remedy it? That’s not exactly something you call one of your girlfriends on the phone about. Well –  with Dr. Jim and Bob’s Fun & Helpful Health Advice, you can get smile and get informed at the same time. I just finished watching several of their videos, and my kids and hubby all crowded around the computer, asking me to play more! We love Dr. Jim’s sidekick, Bob. So funny! Check out their helpful advice on constipation, below:

I love Blue Shield of California’s new approach to health care. Blue Shield is a not for profit company that offers easy access to alternative care, like chiropractors and acupuncture. They offer easy access to great doctors, and they offer a wide range of affordable plans.

Now I want you to share with me, in a comment, which video of Dr. Jim and Bob’s, is your favorite!

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