DIY: Cover Old Christmas Ornaments In Fabric

DIY: Cover Old Christmas Ornaments In Fabric


If you haven’t already, perhaps it’s time to dig the old shiny pink and gold ornaments out of mom and dad’s attic, and put them to use. These are the old Christmas balls I found in my mom’s attic last year anyway. In looking at these old ornaments, it seemed a shame to throw perfectly good glass balls away. So, my mom and I got to thinking and came up with a way to update those old Christmas ornaments that many people likely have tucked away somewhere.

An easy project that you can have some fun with is to cover those old ornaments with fabric and ribbon. If you have any tulle, then even better. I rummaged through my mom’s many scraps of fabric, from various sewing projects over the years, and picked out my favorites. All you need to do is cut a square of fabric, large enough to cover the ball completely, with a little excess out the top. Then with a ribbon or other decorative piece, tie the fabric directly above the ball. There should be room for the hook to stick out of the top, and you can hang the balls on the tree, just as before!

Depending on whether or not you want any of the original color to shine through the fabric, you can decide on sheer or dark fabrics. I tried this out with a variety of fabrics and really love how the tulle turned out the best. However, I think a tree covered with balls wrapped in velvet, would be just beautiful!

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