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Get Creative With Tyson Chicken Nuggets #MealsTogether

Get Creative With Tyson Chicken Nuggets

Why is it that cupcakes get all the fun with getting all spruced and pretty? My family and I had one of our most fun dinners this week, as we decorated our Tyson Chicken Nuggets. We decided to see just how festive we could make our food. I already had dinner planned and was reminded about 2 hours before dinner that we were supposed to have dinner guests. I was a little nervous that they’d think our dinner was interesting to say the least, but they HAD A BLAST. In fact, one of them kept saying that it was the most fun dinner appointment he’d ever had! Nevermind that dinner was also very tasty!

Because I’ve got a family of 6, and I don’t enjoy spending every single day at the store, I headed to Sam’s Club to purchase a nice supply of Tyson Chicken Nuggets. Sam’s Club really has a great selection of Tyson Chicken – in so many forms!

I had originally planned to purchase nuggets, ketchup and potatoes, so I could create a Santa Claus out of nuggets. However, the Wholly Guacamole caught my eye and I though, hmmm – I could make a nice Grinch out of that! I had never thought to dip chicken nuggets in guac before, but oh boy, I have been missing out! While I was at Sam’s Club, I also spotted a Rice Krispies Train Kit that I thought would make for the perfect end to our evening. After playing with our food at dinner, why not play with our dessert too?

I brought the supplies home and informed the kids what we’d be doing at dinner. They were all so excited that mommy was going to let them play with their food!! All throughout dinner, everyone was trying to see what they could create using chicken nuggets. I created the Grinch using 3 nuggets, guacamole, olives and pimientos. I think it turned out pretty well! Hubby created Santa Claus using ketchup for Santa’s hat, and mashed potatoes for the beard and hat trim.

My oldest ate his nuggets with a side of mashed potato snowman, while my daughter created quite the snowman out of nuggets, mashed potatoes, and her roll!

We finished our fun night off by decorating a Rice Krispies Train. Everyone dove in and had such a fun night!

You can head into Sam’s Clubs across the US, on 12/20 and 12/23, for Tyson Nuggets demos! You can also tweet with Tyson @clubtysonLive. You can also see my entire shop and more photos in my Google+ Album.


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