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Get Your Groove On with Just Dance: Disney Party and Just Dance 4

Today’s Holiday Gift Guide feature is something that is sure to please the kids, the teens, and the adults. I believe I have expressed my love for cheesily dancing in my family room, with the music blaring, while wearing sweats. I firmly believe in being physically active during the day, and I’m not always great at this, but one sure way to get me up and moving, is by playing a dancing game. My kids will drag me away from the computer and beg me to dance with them. I am not a great dancer by any stretch of the imagination, but my kids and I don’t mind. Some of our favorite new games to play are Just Dance: Disney Party and Just Dance 4.

First let me tell you a bit about Just Dance: Disney Party. My oldest is the type to get self conscious and not put himself out there. He has such a nice voice and some great moves, but we rarely get to see and hear it. We have previously owned dancing games, and my oldest would OCCASIONALLY come out to play them with the rest of us, but it was rare. Since we have had Just Dance: Disney Party, I have noticed my big boy come out of his shell a bit more. He LOVES this game! Numerous times since we got the game, I have spotted all 4 of my kids playing so nicely together, while dancing. I absolutely love watching them all dance together. The only issue they have expressed is that sometimes the game has a difficult time spotting and keeping all 4 of them in at one time. It can be a little fickle, but it doesn’t stop them from busting a move. I imagine this issue is only with the XBox Kinect version of the game. We have a Just Dance game for the Wii, but even with this minor issue, the kids still prefer the Kinect version. My oldest tells me that with the Kinect, it gives the kids incentive to follow all of the dance moves, and not just the arms.

Just Dance: Disney Party comes with Twenty-Five Brand-New Dances and Choreographies – Classic Disney songs for the whole family and dances from the hottest Disney Channel shows. As a mom, I love the Β new feature of being able to create playlistsΒ to select all of the kids’ favorite songs for nonstop dancing. The kids have a lot of fun singing along with the on-screen lyrics. You can purchase Just Dance: Disney Party for $29.96 on Amazon.

As for Just Dance 4; while my kids enjoy dancing and grooving to some of the radio’s hit songs, this is more up my alley. Don’t get me wrong, I join in with Just Dance: Disney Party by busting a move and belting out the lyrics from my favorite movies. However, I can get into the moves a bit more with Just Dance 4. I was a little nervous about the game for Kinect because I had read some reviews that song selection was very difficult without a remote. I am happy to report that there have been some updates to the game, and you now have the option to select songs with the remote. Not everything has to be done with the Kinect. This option speeds up the process, so you can spend more time dancing, and less time choosing songs.

Just Dance 4 is rated E 10+, and I believe this is mostly because of some of the song choices. What I love enjoy about Just Dance 4, that my kids don’t care about as much is the Just Sweat Mode. I can dance with all new workout sessions, personalized programs, live feedback and a REAL CALORIE COUNTER! That’s my favorite part. I feel like the Just Dance people actually care about me getting a workout while I dance. What a fun way to burn calories! I am also eager to have my girlfriends over so we can challenge each other in the dance battles. You can purchase Just Dance 4 for $39.99 on Amazon.

If you own any of the gaming consoles, I highly recommend getting the newest Just Dance games for some family fun during the holiday breaks. You can even break out the games for any upcoming Christmas Parties you may be having. I just might do that! I think the Just Dance games will be a good fit for the wishlist of all ages.

To help you all out, I am giving away a copy of each game: Just Dance: Disney Party and Just Dance 4. The Disney Party game can be for Wii or Xbox (please state your preference), but Just Dance 4 giveaway is for XBox only. This giveaway will end at 11:59pm PST on 12/17. To get started, enter your name and email below, then you can proceed to the giveaway form.

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I received a promotional item to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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