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Did you know that 62% of people plan to regift this holiday season? Bookoo conducted a 2012 Holiday Regifting Survey, and those were the results. I had no idea that regifting was so popular! I will admit that I have regifted a few gifts in my day, but it isn’t common practice for me. When I do regift, it isn’t usually because I received something that I think is completely tacky, that I would never use. Unless of course, this is for our annual tacky White Elephant Gift Exchange! If I am regifting, it is typically because I have multiple of an item, or don’t have a use for a particular item. Or perhaps I know someone who would benefit more from the gift I received.

Okay, okay, there was one item in particular, that I did regift because I thought it was hideous. I received one of the ugliest vases ever, as a wedding gift. Hubby and I looked everywhere to try to return the vase, but nobody sold it. We finally concluded that the vase came from Ross, and we were just stuck with the thing. We held onto it for a little while, and then when we were invited to someone else’s wedding, we were strapped for cash and thought, hey – maybe we’re not the only ones who will think this thing is hideous? We will never know….

If you’d rather not regift your unwanted items, an easy solution is to sell your items on Bookoo. Then use that money to buy something you really want!

Share YOUR Regifting Stories

Bookoo, the world’s funnest darn tootin’ yard sale community, wants to hear YOUR regifting stories! One lucky Clever Housewife reader will win a $50 American Express Gift Card, to help with your gifting! I want to have a winner announced by Christmas, so this giveaway will end at 11:59pm PST on 12/20. Enter your name and email on the form below, and get started with your entries! Open to the US only. Good luck!

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  • I have regifted yarn to the same person no less. How? They give me yarn, I give them something knitted up!

  • I remember my family kept regifting a fruit cake. You could tell it was the same prepackaged fruit cake because of the wrapping paper was the same. I think my mom finally said enough is enough and threw it away. That fruit cake must have been passed around at least 4 times. Gross I know. πŸ˜›

  • i was once regifted a monagrammed robe with the initial c on it when my name begins with a b but it was comfy so i didn’t complain

  • I have regifted candles I have gotten. I have a ton and I have allergies so unless they are something like fruit or vanilla, they won’t get used. I regifted an awful sweater I got once. Looking back I don’t know what I was thinking regifting it. The person was probably thinking what the beep. lol

  • I probably have regifted something in the past, but cannot think of any particular instance where I did.

  • I’ve received a book a few years ago that had an inscription to the giver so I knew they had regifted the book!
    I regift gift cards.

  • I have regifted a body wash set from one of my students. I have a good excuse…I’m allergic to most perfumes and dyes, so I didn’t want to take the chance.

  • I usually try to find a use for gifts, or i just feel guilty. I know i get regifted stuff mom a lot haha. I may regift candles i cant use from certain smells causing headaches, i probably regift them to my grandma hehe

  • regifting gift cards or food baskets/spa baskets for my kids teachers is always a go too in this house

  • My husband and I received a beautiful cake stand as a wedding gift and we never used it, so we decided that we would hold on to it and re-gift it to someone else later on down the line. Well a few years later we got invited to some very close friends wedding and we decided that we would give it to them as a gift. We saw them a few weeks after the wedding, and they said to us “that was a lovely cake stand, thank you very much for it, we bought you almost the same exact one for you for your wedding”!! GASP…we totally had forgotten that the cake stand had came from them. Thank goodness they didn’t realize that it was the exact same one they had given us! LOL

  • I was the recipient of a re-gifter and it was a really bad gift. I only say that because the gift was 2 sizes to big for me and had holes in it. When I went to the store that was on the tag they said that it was never sold at their store. I would have never re-gifted this item. I also, would have never worn this item because there were holes in improper areas. Oh well!! It is the thought that counts right??

  • I am blessed with abundance around Christmas time, so my regifting is giving things I get duplicates or won’t use and giving them to those who need them.

  • I don’t really mind being the one being re-gifted. But a couple of years ago at Christmas I received a gift from my MIL. It was wrapped, with my name on it. I unwrapped it and went to take it out of the box and it was empty! Considering the relationship between us my husband begged me not to say anything to her. That is not an easy thing for me to do! And I thought the year she gave me a garbage can said everything.

  • Our church youth group had a garden gnome that was “regifted” every year. This tradition went on for years, and I know up until at least several years ago it was still making it’s rounds

  • I have re-gifted mostly body lotions/shampoo/soap sets of scents I didn’t care for, but knew someone else would.

  • I received regifted perfume one year. It was all men’s fragrances. I knew that it was a regift then! I don’t even use them. They are sitting in a box lol. I will probably regift them one day as well!

  • I received an early Gym membership from my aunt and broke my leg a few days later… gave it to my sister to use… it was going to be months before I could get to the gym

  • Last year I got a $25 gift card to Cabelas ( a hunting/fishing store) Well I don’t do either, and the price for anything is crazy so I gave it my boyfriend as a birthday gift since his birthday is on January 9th.

  • i got a bunch of different stemware sets at my wedding, none of which were on my registry– i regifted them to other couples getting married over the next couple of years! it saved me a ton of money! πŸ™‚

  • At my holiday office party recently, I was given coffee mugs, some chipped, and one from Easter. I also got some wooden coasters, that I plan to inturn regift at my social club holiday party.

  • Your vase story sounds somewhat familiar. We received a HUGE crystal vase for our wedding. We both though the thing was pretty ugly and figured we’d never use such a huge vase. We couldn’t imagine the people who gave it to us as ever spending that kind of money, especially on a vase for which we did not register. That, coupled with the fact that the store from which it came no longer had any record of the vase in their system, caused us to conclude that it must have been a regift. We’ve thought about regifting it to several people since, but each time have decided to buy them something useful that they want instead.

  • I have re-gifted bath and body sets that have not been a good fit for me, as I am sensitive to certain scents.

  • My children were re-gifted a gift by a friend whom was given the gift by us the previous year! It was funny, I never mentioned it. I myself have done the same, I just try to keep track of who gave what if I plan on re-gifting it πŸ™‚

  • I always, always re-gift body care items (like bath and body works). I personally think their lotions are too oily and somehow always have tons of their stuff. I don’t think anyone ever catches on, so that’s a plus. I love re-gifting!

  • We have a toilet paper cozy that our family keeps regifting each year. This year it’s my turn to give it since I received it last year.

  • My mother re-gifted me her baby crib which was already regifted to her from my great grandma πŸ™‚

  • I’m pretty sure I have a regifting story for the books! We bought our pastor and his new wife a beautiful picture frame. It was glass and crystal and really heavy. Not once did we see it in their house (I cleaned, so I would know). However, when we got married, I’m pretty sure they had forgotten where the picture frame had come from. They had regifted the picture frame right back to us as a wedding present! We never told them what they had done and they seemed to have no clue, so it came to be this private joke between my hubby and I!

  • Haha! I am laughing here reading these. I don’t have any fun regifting stories however, one year I received a bath kit and gave it to my niece for cleaning my house.

  • After winning an ugly platter with caroling cats at a Christmas party, I set it aside for Goodwill. When a friend stopped by with an unexpected gift, I snuck upstairs and wrapped the platter. I felt bad giving her the platter, but I would have felt worse not having anything to give to her.

  • i just regifted a party-lite candle holder. normally i would never do that, as i love candles, but it was that gold-brass color and it was not my style.

  • My mother gave me a green fleece blanket with matching fuzzy socks. I re-gifted them to my daughter, she loves green.

  • I regifted to a white elephant gift a pair of slippers my former mother in law gave me – for 20+ years she gave me the ugliest slippers and they were always 2 sizes too large …. but at least I never had to search for the white elephant gift for the fun times with my family!

  • An ex gave me this gigantic awful candle that he had received at a gift swap before our holiday together. I’m sure every faerie collecting woman dreams of huge candles with a hunting motif and a questionable odor about it.

  • I gave my twin nephews camo sweatshirts for their birthdays one year. they are only a month older than my daughter. The family is big into hunting. My daughter received one of them back from my ex sister in law for her birthday the following month. My ex sister in law, tried to say that she was nit regifting, but failed yo realize the sweatshirts had been monogrammed. I don’t think she ever took them out the gift bags.

  • I regifted a card from a restaurant. Come to find out later, that the couple don’t have that restaurant near them.

  • my kids always buy us stuff att he kids Christmas store at our church, people donate items and kids get to shop for people. I am always regifting some of those items.

  • I have a friend who would give my children the most obnoxious or impractical gifts on their birthdays. I almost wondered if she was regifting from her children’s parties. The one before last was particularly bad so I regifted it to her daughter. I think she got the point because the next gift was much more appropriate.

  • I received a gift certificate that had been expired for 2 years. Another time I received a book from a friend that I previously had given her. Then there was the year I received 2 pairs of pierced earrings and didn’t have pierced ears! LOL!

  • My grandma has always been a big regifter my entire life, it doesn’t matter if you give it to her you’ll probably get it back at some point in your lifetime. I gave my grandma a book one year that I had gotten brand new because I thought she would like it and I don’t read. Well about 4 years later I got the book back for Christmas although I don’t read lol Oh well its the thought that counts, right? πŸ™‚

  • Wow, well i really don’t think that any of the women in my family and i have the same taste in anything so a lot gets regifted. I think it’s better to regift than to let the item go to waste. But here is the best one. One year one of my friends in my church group got this hideous christmas basket. i’m talking really, really horrendous and everyone thought it was so funny it has now became “the basket.” “the basket” can show up on your doorstep at anytime or any occasion AND to add a personal touch each round you need to add something new to it. So, there you go. The basket.

  • I have never re-gifted anything in my life. It’s not that I don’t believe in it, or that I think it’s a bad thing… I’ve always just appreciated anything I’ve ever been given too much to give it away again. Of course, if I disliked something I’d seriously consider it, but hasn’t happened so far. πŸ™‚

  • I received a dutch oven for a shower present and in the box was a card from that persons aunt that gave her the gift for her shower.

  • I don’t mind regifting at all. As long as it is new condition and appropriate for that person. I will be regifting this year. One item is a pepper mill my older son will be recv., my mother gave it to me 3 years ago. He will be getting married in May and they have one on thier registry. New & appropriate! πŸ™‚

  • For my birthday one year, I was given a god-awful shirt that I thought zombies had puked on. Since my birthday is in October, it was fitting, but I could not at all allow myself to wear it… Or even take the tag off. We had a white elephant gift exchange a few months later for the holidays and that was my contribution. God awful, don’t forget. The guy who opened it begged people to steal it from him, and when no one did, he actually used it as a costume piece in a home video he made… About a zombie invasion! I knew all along it that bad!

  • Got a very nice set of Soap and lotions in a basket from my aunt Patty- the very same one I gave my aunt Charlotte for her birthday? Hmmm.

  • When I was 16 years old I went on vacation to Williamsburg, VA. I purchased some handmade soaps for my grandmother. When I got married 5 years later, she gave them back to me as a wedding present.

  • The closest thing I have ever come to regifting was playing “dirty Santa”. I really don’t like that game because I never get the gift I want, LOL.

  • We received over a dozen different crystal vases at our wedding. They ranged from a bud vase all the way up to a giant one that could hold 2 dozen flowers or more! Needless to say, we did not need that many, nor know where they came from, so we kept a selection, then gave the rest to my Mom to regift to others for wedding gifts! She was a secretary at a high school and was invited to a lot of weddings!

  • When mydaughter was 5, she wrapped up her favorite doll and put it under the tree for me for Christmas. It was my first Christmas after my divorce and she was sad that there might not be anything under the tree for me. It was an incredibly sweet gesture that stil makes me cry.)

  • I gave some candle holders. I had them engraved on the bottom. which I guess the person did not realize. went over to another friends house…and there they were. engraving and all. my friend did not know I had given them to someone else. it was a weird feeling.

  • My sister in law regifted a bracelet to me that my mother in law gave to each of us. I didn’t care though, because the bracelet was really pretty.

  • Someone regifted a fruit basket to me once, and forgot to take the sticker off that was to them.

  • Last year I re gifted a set of coffee mugs. I have a cabinet full of coffee mugs. From past jobs,school and product giveaways. So when a friend came over to see my family on Christmas, she left with new coffee mugs.

  • I am regifting a bottle of perfume (but it is still sealed and gender appropriate) LOL!

  • If someone gave me something that I won’t use or won’t need, then I try to regift it to someone who will use it or need it. I’ve mainly regifted little figurines and jewelry like necklaces. This year I will be giving my niece a necklace I haven’t worn or used in forever that was a gift from the husband. I just hope she likes it lol πŸ™‚

  • I regifted a Bath and Body Works gift card that my mom had given me for my birthday 6 months earlier, back to my mom for Xmas lol, she was none the wiser!

  • My Stepmother gave me a beautiful crystal vase for Christmas. Sadly it was the one I purchased for her birthday the previous year. She accidentally left the gift card I enclosed in her present in the box.

  • I love regifted things! I gave my dad a crystal candy dish one year that my husband and I got at our wedding. It was not our style but my dad loved it!

  • I have regifted wine because I don’t drink and if I did I wouldn’t drink wine, yuck! I also regifted a lotion gift set it was cucumber melon, I don’t care for that scent at all and I have also regifted candles I’m really picky about anything scented and since I have pets I don’t burn candles too often.

  • When I was married we got a dish set it was nice but we already had so many dishes so I put it up for 2 years and my sister got her own place and we gifted her the dish set as a house/apt warming gift she loved the set!

  • My department at work has regifted the same terrible bottle of wine in our “White Elephant” exchange for years now. It’s become a treasured joke among the group.

  • I’ve regifted different items. Mainly things that I already have or that I really don’t have space for. I can’t think of any funny story in particular but I know there are some. One that is funny but not quite regifted is we got a wedding present from a very affluent friend who owns a lot of commercial real estate and is well off. She had forgotten to take the $3.99 clearance sticker from tj maxx off the bottom!! Lol.

  • I was regifted a really pretty side table that my mother had bought for herself. I loved it so much she put it next to the tree. Had no idea she was giving it to me. Was very happy!

  • My sister-n-law apparently has a great love for regifting, as she has done it several times and to multiple family members. Most recently was my birthday when she gave me a Cusinart hand mixer. Which was a great gift and I do use it daily, however she had forgotten she had showed me her “regifting stash” just months prior and one of the items was this lovely mixer.

  • I have regifted a beautiful sterling silver bracelet. It was gorgeous, but I just don’t wear alot of jewlery – so instead of having it hibernate in my jewelry box I gave it to someone who wears it all the time.

  • I won an expenive headphone – I regifted it to my husband for his birthday!
    I have regifted a beautiful sterling silver bracelet. It was gorgeous, but I just don’t wear alot of jewlery – so instead of having it hibernate in my jewelry box I gave it to someone who wears it all the time.

  • I have regifted gift cards my brother in law showed up and we didn’t have a present for him and we didn’t want him to feel left out

  • I regift the same turkey bobble head every year in our family white elephant and its become the joke of the fanily

  • Some of my relatives are pros at re gifting! I have saved a lot of baby stuff that I never really used or open and regift them to my cousins that have babies.

  • Our family plays a white elephant game each year…this is my perfect place for regifting…

  • I have regifted nice high end clothes that had been given to me by a family member who bought them way too small to my sister in law who did not know the aunt at all and lived in another state

    I hae also had my brother and his wife regift me the exact same popcorn tim I had sent them the yr before… he didn’t even cover the original to from tag correctly – I fed the birds with it

  • Well with my ex husband we would exchange funny things, one year we got a hysterical picture of his aunt. I regifted as a housewarming gift to my ex BIL.

  • Every year my mom gets tons of “teacher” gifts and most of them are just not her taste. I get first dibs and the the regifting starts. The mailman, the newspaper guy, the obscure relatives… Everyone is fair game on the regifting.

  • My friend regifted me a movie that we both loved. I couldn’t find it on dvd anymore and she didn’t love it nearly as much as I did. Her being so kind like that was awesome.

  • I’ve regifted gift cards because I didn’t have money to get any gifts and I’ve also used gift cards given to me to buy someone a gift. Like they say giving is better than receiving!

    sweetmelbelle31 at yahoo dot com

  • I regift candles and bathsets. If it comes up I need a gift for something and I have things not used I regift πŸ™‚ And at Christmas someone will always show up with someone so you just take something you’ve been given waa laa a gift with their name.

  • When I was a kid I use to wrap stuff around the house and regift it. I have gave present from some of the subscription services I’m part of, like the Must Have Pop Sugar box, but maybe that is not technically re-gifting.

  • I have retorted some items before not that they were awful items just not my thing. The person I gave them to loved it!

  • I recently regifted some potholders and salt and pepper shakers that my mother in law bought me. Apparently one of her friends was selling Southern Living close to Christmas last year and every single present I got was Southern Living!

  • I don’t recall ever receiving or giving a re-gifted gift. But I remember that the rest of my family thought it was terrible when my dad gave my grandmother the same (unopened) can opener each year for a few years. With the state of her mind at the time, she always looked pleased.

  • We have a mounted plastic fish (not the singing kind…at least that one is funny) that we regift every year with my husbands family. It has become a joke. We have it this year and can’t wait to see who will end up with it πŸ˜‰

  • LOL, I’m guilty of doing it today….I “regifted” to my sister a nice basket w/ chocolate and cocoa, neither were my faves!!!



  • I actually have never re-gifted. However, I have purchased something for myself, realized that I either didn’t like it, or just didn’t want it, and gave that away as a gift. And every time, the recipient has appreciated it. It worked for me, so my money didn’t go to waste. πŸ™‚

  • My re-gifting ways started early in life. Lol. I always have given things I don’t use or want to others and it really has worked out. until that one time… I actually got back an ugly sweater that I had given out to a secret santa at work, well the next year it was my present from someone! So now I only re-gift nice things.. πŸ™‚

  • I regifted a body lotion gift set and I’ve been regifted a season 2 Sopranos DVD set (during like season 6)

  • Hubby gets lots of candy from people at work for the holidays and he cant ever eat that much so we either regift it to his sisters for xmas or our 5 kids πŸ˜› we have a no gift exchange rule with his sisters so we give them regifted candy how bad it that lol

  • I love to read, and my friends know it. One year for Christmas I received not two, but three copies of the same book. So… it just seemed reasonable to regift two of the three…

  • I’ve only regifted once and of course, I regretted it shortly after. It was a standing mixer. Since I had one already, I regifted it to someone and a few weeks later, mine died!

  • I recieve a lot of face creams for Christmas, but I have no acne and I won’t use face creams! Each year I recieve I have to leave the names of who gave them so when I regift the following year, I make sure I don’t regift to whomever gave it to me!

  • I regifted some bath and body works lotion/bodyspray/body wash that I wasnt really thrilled with the scent of. I gave them to my ex husbands wife.. I then found out they were from them the year before to me and she had written my name very small on the label so as they wrapped they would know who it was for OOPS!!!!

  • my sister n laws b-day is right before x-mas and she was given this candle set for her b-day she did not like it so re-gifted to me for x-mas but made one big mistake she left the b-day card inside the gift. What a family fued this caused. be careful when you re-gift to make sure you remove cards, gift tags ect.

  • I’ve regifted with things I have gotten as gifts from work that I may not need but I know someone who did! What about a gift intended for someone that you had a falling out with? I’ve regifted that as well… once I just ‘regifted’ it to myself lol

  • . Every year one of my relatives gives me a scarf so instead of having 20 scarves, I just regift to someone who might need one or I donate them to a local church πŸ™‚

  • I’ve never re-gifted but I’ve had a gift card re-gifted to me. I went to check the balance and found it had been used and reloaded again.

  • i regifted a bath set from bath and body works.i was short on money,it was new !!! i also regifted a ugly hat my husband got one year

  • I regifted some bath stuff that I got that I knew I wouldn’t use Would rather give it to someone who could use it.

  • I dont really regift too much but I do remember passing along a chafing dish pretty soon after we got married. I had NO idea what it was for:)

  • gift cards..i have 2 sons who bdays are right after xmas, dec 29th and jan i always re gift them with my gift cards i receive .

  • I regifted some ornaments at our early Christmas and I gave them to the same aunt that gave them to me oh shazzzzzzz

  • i have never regifted a gift.

    If i want to gift, usually just buy them something specifically for them.

  • I have regifted things I have won that I cannot use. For example, I won a Subway gift card but don’t eat meat and can’t have gluten (lol). Mom got that one! Now cash I can use!

  • Guess I have been lucky don’t think I have ever be regifted I know I haven’t ever done that..

  • For my business I do give aways of children’s books every so often as a way to thank the parents for supporting my business. One of my fantastic clients won a set of 5 books a year or so ago. She recently gave me a big box of books that she no longer wanted and in it was the books she had won from me! Lol! It wasn’t really regifting but made me laugh that they came back full circle

  • I have regifted a gift from one grandmother to another grandmother. Nothing wrong with regifting if the gift is a good match for someone else!

  • I dont know if this counts as regifting, but everything I have won from giveaways [candles, jewlery,etc] is being regifted to my fiance’s side of the family this christmas. We have 3 kids to buy for, and cant afford to go buy them anything , so why not? One year I was regifted a fleece throw that i gave to my fiance’s sil the christmas before. I didnt say anything- I liked the throw myself, or I wouldn’t have gotten it for her. Did kinda hurt my feelings though

  • My cousin regifted to me baby toys from her baby shower. our boys are two weeks apart. Seriously!!!?? try to play it off for a little longer. I was at her baby shower

  • I dont think i have been a receiver of a regift but then again i guess i wouldn’t know if it was a regift or not…

  • My best friend gave me some Gold Canyon candles and I have a friend who is poor(bless her heart) and I always say a girl needs something pretty to get her through the bad times. It lets you know that everything’s going to be alright.

  • I regift several things. If it is something that is not meaningful and something I don’t need then I have no problem regifting it. I have regifted kitchen towel sets that I have received. One person can only have so many kitchen towels. LOL

  • I re-gifted a candle at Christmas time one year when I realized that I didn’t have a white elephant gift for my husband’s family Christmas. Long story short, my husband’s grandpa ended up with it and turns to me and says, “wow, wonder who brought this thing! Darn thing smells like horse crap!” I never told him that I was the one who brought it!! lol

  • Honestly, Ive never regifted anything. I aim to please. Gifting and shopping is my favorite thing to do. I love to try and figure that perfect gift someone will love. Im not opposed to regifting. If i had something i thought someone else would appreciare that i didnt need, i would regift. But, if i hate it, i would assume others will too. I would be embarrased to gift something that I knew no1 would like.

  • I don’t often regift, but I reuse gift bags, tissue paper, etc. last year I accidentally wrapped a gift in the same packaging they’d ace me the year before.

  • I was given a box of Godiva box of chocolates. Since I have 5 kids that are fine with hershey kisses it would not be appreciated so it went to my mother-inlaw that served it at bridge.

  • My sister mocked my other sister’s choice of a purse, saying “Where did you get that hideous thing?” So the sister that owned the purse mailed it to the mocking sister for her birthday. The mocking sister then mailed it to me for MY birthday, then I mailed it back to the original owner for HER birthday. This went on and on, each sister receiving the hideous purse on her birthday, but with some fun gifts tucked inside. Regifting at it’s finest.

  • The only time I’ve ever re-gifted a gift was when we played a game at a place we used to work. It was a game where everyone brought one gift and we all wrapped them and put them on a table. Then we each picked one. We’d start with the first person and go around the room and open our gifts, the person that opened second got to choose if they wanted to keep their gift or chose one that the person in front of them had, or hadn’t been opened. It was quite neat and I loved it. the last person got the pick of the litter. lol

  • I regifted a HORRIBLE sweater that my mother-in-law bought for me the first year my husband and I were married…. There was no way I was wearing a HUGE poinsettia across my chest!

  • I am world class regifter. i tend to get the same style/type of gifts every year from different persons however the items are all ‘related’, therefore i have x # of candles from last year, x # of towels or coffee cups from another year.. so i regift those ‘extra’ similar items to others, as i cannot use all of them each year, and it gives a chance to recycle to others without never seeing something used.

  • I have definitely reused gift bags and boxes. I rarely regift though, but last year my son received a gift that I didn’t think he was quite old enough for yet so it was “set aside” as soon as we got home. He had so much he didn’t even notice. This year he will be receiving it from a younger sibling.

  • Oh man, I have re-gifted so much hideous garbage, I can’t even begin to list it all! I think the worst was this measuring thing, kind of like a big thick glass cylinder, that was supposed to measure all kinds of different things, this line was for rice, this line for flour, this line for water etc. but it wasn’t even remotely accurate and it was hideous! I had to put it in a white elephant swap, I didn’t want anyone to know it came from me πŸ˜‰

  • Well on Christmas eve I see my mom’s side of the family and I get gifts from them and then on Christmas I regift to my dad’s side of the family or my husbands if it was something I didn’t like.

  • The funniest regift I’ve done was when I gave my friend a really nice blouse that didn’t suit me at all…when she opened it she burst out laughing because it was one HER SISTER had given her and she gave to my AUNT who gave it to me!! Talk about a circle of regifting love!! I think she gave it to the thrift store since at that point we were out of people who might wear it!

  • I’ve never been able to regift amongst family because they would know. I have regifted from family members to friends. But only extended family…because I’ve been caught out by my dad asking where the item was!!

  • My 15 year old regifted a stash of Perla beads that she had found. The girls got a HUGE kit of them one year, and all the beads ended up in a Ziploc bag. She found a cute little bucket and repackaged them and gave them to one of her band friends.

  • I regifted many things in the past. My sister has this ability to buy me the most hideous things sometimes (IMO) and I always find someone I work with or a neighbor who just loves the items, so I always end up giving them to those people.

  • I re-gifted a cell phone holder I had gotten because I didn’t even have a cell phone at the time.

  • My son regifted some of his college textbooks to his cousin who was only in early grade school (3rd grade or so) as a joke. To say that she was not happy about it is an understatement. Luckily he had a real gift for her as well!

  • I have never regifted nor do I think some one has regifted to me. I guess sometimes you never know?!

  • My sister is the master regifter. The problem is she can’t remember who gives her what. Last year she gave my mom a sweater that my mom had given her for her birthday 3 months prior. That was fun!

  • I’ve regifted a Star Wars cookbook that someone gave me because the recipes were exceptionally lame and, while we’re fans of the movies, we don’t need to have everything with the franchise’s name plastered on it, lol!

  • I got a Starbucks gift card given to me but since I don’t drink coffee I “regifted” it to my Mom.

  • My husband’s family does dirty Sant a we gave a HUGE 3lb fishing implement & it has been regifted every Christmas for the past 4 years. Wondering if it will show up this year! We will end up with it agsin sometime! LOL There is no shame in their game!

  • I regifted a (gross!) sweater once to someone who likes wearing ugly sweaters to their annual office party.

  • I can typically just put a new name tag on the least favorite “co-worker” gifts, and make them gifts for my husbands co-workers!!! πŸ˜€

  • I regift all the time. I have a tote of items to regift…items I have received and have no use for or just don’t like. Throw blankets (really, how many does a person need), knives (you know the free with purchase types), “handcrafted” items, decorations, etc. Makes it easy to find something to give when a gift is needed…and easy white elephant gifts! πŸ™‚

  • I once was helping with a fundraiser. My assignment was to find items for the silent auction. I asked my co workers to give me all their unwanted gifts from Christmas so they could be made into gift baskets for the silent auction. One of the items was a Brittany Spear’s cologne spray. I saw it regifted a few times more and then I recieved it again as a gift after all that on secratary day! lol

  • I am a total regifter. I consider myself a minimalist – if I don’t need it, I don’t want it taking up space. My husband, on the other hand, is a “collector” (aka pack rat) but that’s a story for anther time. Anyway, I enjoy giving things away to people who either need them, would enjoy them or who just like receiving gifts so I’m always opening gifts and thinking in my mind “who would like this better than me?”. However, if someone does find a perfect “me” gift, then I treasure it and will probably keep it for a long time. πŸ™‚

  • I’ve never been much of a regifter but nearly every white elephant gift I receive ends up in the custody of someone else. I have won the strangest things and then given them as presents ranging from troll like mushroom magnets to board games.

  • I received a set of silverware as a housewarming gift but I already had a nice set so I set it aside for awhile and when Christmas came up I thought wow Grandma would like this. So I wrapped it up and gave it to Grandma. When she opened it she said what a nice set it’s just like the set I gave you before. Whoops!

  • My son got a Mickey Mouse mug as a Secret Santa gift exchange at a club at his school. His dad, my ex-husband, is a huge Disney fan so we re-gifted the mug to him. We knocked out my son’s gift to his dad and also got rid of something that would have just collected dust at our house. A win-win for sure

  • I am one of those people who likes new things. I regifted the baby outfit to my sister for her new baby. Not only did it get used, but it was something close from my heart.

  • One time I was given a gift (kitchen appliance) by a family member. Two years later I hadn’t used the gift, so I ended up giving to to friends…..friends who also knew my family member it turns out.
    They then told my family member who asked about it. I had to tell them I loved it so much I had to get on for my friends. Needless to say I ended up having to go buy the same item I would more than likely never use.

  • Years ago I gave my sister a rice/veggie steamer. While getting ready to move she regifted it to me. If I’m not mistaken at another time I regave it to her. I’m not sure either of us ever used it although we both thought we wanted it at the time.

  • I regift bath and body works lotion – I have sooo much of it I could never use it in a lifetime!! Also Restaurant gift cards.

  • I receive scented lotions and re gift them every year because I don’t use scented lotions. They give r me migraines.

  • I was regifted a stuffed rabbit that my parents had given me the year before. They didn’t think I would remember it because I hadn’t played with it……..I am smarter than I look!

  • I regifted some candleholders but couldn’t remember where I got them, so I gave them to someone who never gives me anything to be certain!!

  • I constantly re-gift gift bags!! Every birthday & holiday I keep our gift bags. I have them for every occasion. It’s very rare that I ever have to buy a gift bag πŸ™‚

  • I received back a gift that I had given 2 years before. I had given my cousin a t-shirt that read “I’ve been good, how about you?” Well it turns out that she had not worn it at all in the 2 years that she had it. She laughed and said I couldn’t remember who gave it to me. Sorry.

  • I’ve re-gifted an ipod I was given after just purchasing one the day before. You know what they say about buying yourself gifts around Christmas!

  • My landlord gave me some Christmas oven mits, pot holders, and towels that matched….like 4 sets. I had them still with the tags on for months and decided to regift them to my daughters pre k teacher. I folded the pot holders in half, added a button, and sewed the towel on the bottom to make a towel that you can hang on the oven door. Then of course we filled oven mits with homemade candies and they were such a huge hit! Best regift ever!

  • I re-gift gift bags. I just did it tonight so the kids can bring in teachers gifts tomorrow at school. Plus it’s good for the environment!

  • Funny thing…I just finished wrapping the kids gifts to their teachers….using the candle that I was given from someone at work as a gift for the bus driver. There are certain scents that I just don’t like!

  • My husband and I opened some of our wedding gifts at home when we got back from our honeymoon. One gift was a beautiful crystal bowl. Inside the bowl, taped in the box was a card TO the cousin and her husband who had just given it to us! We laughed, but never told the cousin of the card! πŸ™‚

  • I regift my items alot if money is tight but I almost done it this year at work and caught myself when I remembered my boss gave me the gift so i better not give it to a co worker πŸ™‚

  • I regift books a lot I figure its sharing a story with someone else who would like it and they do the same for me..

  • my regifting story was when i was 9, my stepdads mom didnt like us and would give us stuff she got. she gave my 8 year old brother a pin of a wooden clog. we laughed for days over that gift and gave it back to her the next christmas.

  • I regifted an Outback Steak House gift card (I’m a vegetarian) to my sister the same year she regifted to me a Fruit of the Month club subscription she wasn’t too keen about!

  • Last Christmas, my sister gave me a ugly red sweater and I pretended to like it. I took it out of the box to hang up when I got home and in the bottom of the box was a card that said ” Happy Birthday Love, Mom” I then realized it was the same sweater I had gotten from my mother for my birthday and I had regifted it to my sister for her birthday. I had forgotten to take out the card. I called my sister about the gift and she said that she had originally bought that sweater for our mother . That sweater really got around.

  • yes i have regifted over the yrs..but i do alot of i save the wins thru out the yr..and just use them as gifts

  • Our family and friends group hosted a re-gift exchange. The kicker, we couldn’t buy anything, it had to be something you already had and or received as a gift. I received a candle set and of course it wasn’t the scent I really liked so, I wrapped and brought it to the party. The party host (the same person who gave me the gift) selected the prize! AWKWARD silence and then huge laughs after! Fun times!!!

  • someone gave me a beautiful coat but it was just too small for me so I gifted it to my sister. She loved it!

  • I regifted a gift card I received to a store I don’t shop at to my sister for Christmas. She loved it.

  • I brought a Christmas decoration to a white elephant exchange at my in-law’s house. I have no idea where I got it and it ended up in my mother-in-law’s hands. She had a funny look on her face and I had the sinking feeling that I had originally received it from her.

  • The only thing I’ve ever regifted is gift cards. Sometimes I will regift them if it’s nothing I can use. Thanks for this contest!

  • Truth of the matter is I rarely if ever regift.. I am a hoarder and I keep stuff even if I don’t want it!

  • I have not regiffted anything since I tend to find uses for even the oddest of gifts.I am sure people have given me regifted items like candles or dish towels but I am grateful for them.

  • From a mutual friend I was given a wallet and my BFF was given the matching purse. In the wallet was a Happy Birthday mini card in the credit card slot addressed to the friend that gave us that gift.

  • When I regift by donating the item in the name of the original gifter to a non-profit who services families that can benefit from the item. I also notify the gifter that I have made such a donation in their name. Everyone has appreciated it. I get to gift of receiving and giving all at the same time.

  • I re-gift a lot of items. My neighbor gave me a box of Ghirardelli chocolates last week, they are going into someones stocking this year πŸ™‚

  • My regifting experience… I was given a very unusual gift one. I did not use, boxed it back up, and reused for a gift exchange the next it. It was the gift that no one wanted and was desperately trying to swap.

  • I re gifted this horrible scent of perfume and lotion that my ex got me when we were together to his sister-in-law the next year!

  • I have regifted those body wash/loofah/bubble bath kits. I get them pretty much every year and I don’t even use them!

  • i have regifted a few things i have won in giveaways to my children things they could use but never had a clue i regifted them

  • I once got a very nice photo frame from my mother -in-law . I know it had to be a re-gift because when I took it out of the box there was a photo of my in-laws in the frame. The couple that had given it to them had included a card wishing them a happy Anniversary and a $100 gift card to a local restaurant with a note saying they should go out soon to celebrate. My MIL is not all that nice to me so at a later family gathering, when she asked if I had gotten my gift in the mail. She also added “I figured I needed to ask since you never called to thank me.” (as I knew she would) I thanked her for the frame, the Gift card and handed her the photo in the card and said that the Smith’s probably would want her to Keep the Card and photo from the frame they had given her and my FIL. I also advised her that the Smith’s might be expecting them to go out for a steak dinner. I then said that her Son and I enjoyed our night out. What could she say? I sure do love that frame I smile every time i look at it. πŸ˜‰

  • Yes I have re-gifted but what I do. If I recieve a gift that is not my taste. I put a name on the present who gave it to me …The last thing you want to to is give it back to the same person. Or even worst give it to someone that will be in the same room when regifting it to someone and have them say we gave that to you…But it is rare that i would ever regift. It would be rare that I ever would regift I am so grateful for anything anyone gives me…

  • I never received a gift from this lady but she was homeless and sickly,my husband and i had some money in the bank so we bought her a 26 foot camper,bought a heater,trash bags,we skirted it for her,we left her with 400 dollars. all of it we did out of the kindness of out hearts.

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