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Sharing Heartache Over the Tragic Shootings in Connecticut

I had posts I wanted to write today, and recipes to share, but I can’t seem to concentrate. It seems that many of you are having some of the same issues, so I thought I would go ahead and write a blog post about the tragic shootings in Connecticut. If nothing else, then maybe this could at least be a place for everyone to vent their frustrations, sadness and share our heartache with one another.

All day today, I have been checking for updates on the Fox News website. They have been great about updating the same post as they gain new information. There have been some frustrations with the news because not all of the information has been accurate. My feeling is that sometimes the media gets over anxious to get the information out, that they don’t always have the facts straight. I too have been eager for information, but I’d rather they wait and get the information correct before they accidentally ruin people’s lives.

The news was stating that the shooter was Ryan Lanza, 24 year old of Hoboken, NJ, only to find out that it was in fact his 20 year old brother. I can’t speak for Ryan’s character, but I do feel badly that people are blasting him all over facebook and twitter. Now if he did in fact have anything to do with his brother’s rampage, then I don’t feel badly one bit. Reports have gone back and forth between whether or not the mother was killed in her home or at the school, but the most recent thing I read stated it happened at home, and that Adam drove his mother’s car to the school to finish his rampage. An entire kindergarten class unaccounted for. This just breaks my heart and brings me to tears.

I am just sick over this entire situation. I will admit that I even picked my kids up from school a bit early. Not so much for fear that something was going to happen to them at school, but to avoid them riding the bus and hearing any chatter about today’s incident, before I had a chance to talk to them. I gave them the basic facts and talked mainly about how to try and stay safe at school. They seemed to understand, and thankfully are not fearful. I don’t want my kids to live in fear, but definitely want them to be aware of how to protect themselves, if given the chance.

I ask that we all continue to hold our loved ones close, and to pray for all of those affected by this tragedy. Feel free to comment and express your concerns, frustrations and heartache.


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