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What Is Your Favorite Christmas Song? Listen To Me Play Mine!

What is Your Favorite Christmas Song?

One of the many things I love about this time of year is all of the fantastic music! I love Christmas music, and I love singing along. My voice is nothing to stop anyone in their tracks (well…unless they stop to say, “what on earth is that noise?”), but singing Christmas songs makes me happy.

What Is Your Favorite Christmas Song?

I really can’t choose one favorite song for this time of year, because there are so many great ones. There are ones that I love because the tune is super catchy, and others that I love because they really emulate the meaning of Christmas. One that I quite enjoy is “Where Are You Christmas” from the newer version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. One that I have always loved though, and love to play on the piano is “Carol of the Bells”. It is such a neat song, and is so much fun to play. I have a couple of versions of this song that I like to play. One is more on the difficult side, and the other is pretty simple. I quickly recorded me playing the easier version of “Carol of the Bells” today. I couldn’t tackle the other one by myself, because I need a page turner.

Feel free to have a listen, and leave a comment with your favorite Christmas song! Be sure to subscribe to me on Youtube as well!

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  • Thank you for the lovely Christmas Music. I love this song. 1 version I love is by the Disney choir in the Christmas Lights Parade CD the other, 2) is the version by the Tri-City singers. My all time favorite is The Happy, Jolly, Yummy song name: Merry Christmal All by Salsoul.

    Thanks for loving Christmas music, keep passing the spirit on with your music for the season. Merry Christmas Pat

  • You play very well, thanks! I guess if I had to choose a favorite Christmas song it would be one of the older ones like Silent Night.

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