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Fuel Your Body With Jennie-O Bacon and Sausage for Breakfast #JennieO4Kids

Fuel Your Body With Jennie-O Bacon and Sausage for Breakfast


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While I am not always great about eating breakfast, I believe this is true. Fueling your body with the nutrients it needs at the start of a day, can help children focus and stay alert in class. It can also help adults have the energy to do what they need to do. A healthy breakfast with a low-fat protein like Jennie-O bacon and sausage is just the way to go. It doesn’t hurt that they’re super tasty too!

This weekend I decided to gather some kids from the neighborhood, and their parents, to teach them about eating a nutritious breakfast. I did this on behalf of Champions for Kids and Jennie-O, to help in their efforts of teaching our children about healthy living. I first did my shopping at Walmart, where I snagged a couple of packages of Jennie-O Sausage and Bacon, as well as some fresh fruit and eggs. I love that the turkey bacon really doesn’t cost more (in fact, it’s less) than regular bacon. The phrase that it costs more to eat healthy doesn’t always apply!

With everyone over at my house, we talked about what a great option Jennie-O bacon and sausage are, and how it is important to eat a healthy protein with their meal. No need to add all of the fat to the protein either! Turkey bacon and sausage is an excellent way to go.

We didn’t just TALK about eating a nutritious breakfast, we ate one too! I cut up apples, bananas and strawberries, and had the kids help me skewer them for some yummy, and pretty, fruit kebabs. The kids had a blast putting them together, and even more fun eating them!

Along with the fresh fruit, we of course served Jennie-O bacon and sausage, which were a huge hit! Every last piece was eaten!

I also decided to try something new, using eggs and Jennie-O bacon. I made egg muffin cups which contain eggs, a little bit of cheese, turkey bacon and a tad of hashbrowns for the crust. They turned out great, and everyone was satisfied by the end of the meal. Recipe to come soon.

I sometimes get in a rut when it comes to feeding the kids breakfast on a school day. We go to cereal too often, and I always end up feeling guilty because of the lack of protein in a meal like that. Jennie-O Turkey sausage and bacon don’t take long to cook and are great to add to any meal, or create into a meal of their own. Right now you can join Jennie-O in their efforts with SIMPLE Service projects for Champions for Kids. See what you can do for the children in your community, to make sure they are starting their day right with the proper nutrition.


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