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How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular in Sacramento

My kids are in for a real treat tonight! Okay, the husband and I really are too! After we leave Carmel this afternoon, we will head down to Sacramento to finish up our Winter vacation with a bang. We are being treated to “How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular“, at the Power Balance Pavilion (where the Kings play basketball). DreamWorks took the popular family movie, “How To Train Your Dragon”, and are bringing the dragons to life in a groundbreaking arena tour.

My kids really enjoyed the movie, so what better way to enjoy it again than with a live show? I watched some clips of the show, and the dragons are amazing! They look so real and they even fly! Fire breathing dragons and endearing characters, here we come!

DreamWorks is constantly updating their tour schedule, to reflect new cities and dates. Before performing in Sacramento, How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular was in San Jose, CA. They were supposed to head to Salt Lake City next, but it looks like that show has temporarily been postponed. Anaheim is next on the schedule. Keep checking back to see a performance near you!

I’m a little curious to see if Little Girl gets scared of all of the dragons. I will write more after our experience with the show. I’m sure we’ll love it!


I am being provided with tickets to the show, to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  • We all really love this movie! But we live in Florida – really, really, hope the show will expand its schedule to come over here too!

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