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How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular Review

How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

Are you due for an exciting adventure? Take your kids to experience dragons, vikings, romance and more, with How To Train your Dragon Live Spectacular. This past week, I took the entire family to the Sleep Train Amphitheatre, get to know Hiccup and his clan of Scottish vikings. My boys were already familiar with the How To Train Your Dragon movie, but this was an entirely different, and unique experience.

How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular is a live show about a Scottish boy named Hiccup, who is raised to fight dragons, just like his dad. He doesn’t think he’s very good at it, and feels differently about it than everyone else. After shooting down his first dragon, Hiccup discovers that the dragons can be tender and loving. They don’t have to be as scary and cruel as everyone thinks. He develops a friendship, and a love for this dragon, all in secret. I don’t want to give away the entire story, so I will let you learn the rest.

The live show however, is extraordinary. My kids all sat at the edge of their seats as fire and dragons flew around the room. They couldn’t believe that you could actually feel the heat from the fire. Aside from the impeccable acting and costumes, the technology with which the dragons are powered by, is incredible. These dragons are not people in costumes. They look so real! What I found to be very cool was the video that was projected onto a large wall, that divided the stadium. The characters in the show interacted with the moving video on this screen. My boys loved watching Hiccup climb up this wall, which was made to look like mountains. Instead of Hiccup actually walking and moving up this wall, the images moved, to make it appear that Hiccup was moving. It is so difficult to explain, but it was incredible.

Keep checking back with the How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular schedule, to find a show near you! You, and the kids, will certainly not be disappointed. Attending this show was the perfect end to our Carmel vacation!


I was provided with tickets to the show, to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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