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Kleenex Monster Care Kits & Vudu for Sick Days #SharetheSoft

Kleenex Monster Care Kits & Vudu for Sick Days

We are in the thick of cold and flu season, and people seem to be sick all around me. Luckily my kids haven’t gotten anything too terrible in a while – knock on wood. I don’t know about you, but I just feel terrible when I see my kids totally out of commission and just laid out on the couch. For my kids that is a rarity, because they are always moving! So if I catch my kids just laying there, I know something is up.

I’ve been thinking about some things that might be important to have on hand for those times when kids, or the adults, in the house are sick. Kleenex is definitely top of the list! I don’t push a lot of meds, unless absolutely necessary, and I don’t want the kids going through an entire roll of toilet paper (it’s been known to happen), to wipe away the snot. Besides, nothing can beat the softness of Kleenex. We don’t need to add a rash on the face to the list of complaints.

My kids love craft projects, especially around the holidays. We decided to make our own Kleenex Monster Care Kits. I headed to Walmart to pick up everything we’d need to create one Monster per kid. Not only do you get the bargain of great facial tissue, with Kleenex, but right now select packages have a $4 Vudu offer! This is absolutely perfect for going along with the care kits. Now the kids can lay back on the couch, watch a movie, and enjoy the goodies in their care kit.

My kids LOVE Nutella, so I thought these Nutella & Go snacks would be a nice treat to cheer the kids up when they’re sick. In addition to the snack, I purchased some juice boxes, chapstick, handheld video games which only cost $1, Creepeez, plastic eyes for our monsters, and of course Kleenex.

The kids were so excited to learn that they would be getting to paint their own Kleenex Monster. Luckily the paints and card stock were things we already had on hand.

Now all the monsters needed were some teeth, a tongue, some eyes and they’d be ready to turn into care kits. With teeth out of card stock and eyes out of egg carton pieces with a plastic eyes glued to it, the monsters turned out great!

We filled the Kleenex Monster Care Kits full of the goodies I purchased at the store, and the kids found themselves wishing they were sick now, just so they could play with everything. Now with the $4 Vudu offer, which was easily redeemed online at the Walmart website, we are ready to attack cold and flu season! Just 3 short steps and we were ready to watch a movie. We decided to pick Ice Age Continental Drift, since it is the only Ice Age movie the kids haven’t seen.

Sounds like a great way to spend a sick day to me! You can see more photos of our monsters and my shopping trip, in my Google+ Album.


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