Valentine’s Day Craft: Heart Made Out of String and a Balloon

Valentine’s Day Craft: Heart Made Out of String and a Balloon


I wanted to get you all thinking about some Valentine’s Day Crafts that you can work on. You can have the kids help you, or do it yourself. This heart made out of string is a bit messier project than I like to get my kids in on, but I may be more anal than some of you. I made this cute heart last year for Valentine’s Day, and I am happy to say that it held up quite well and can display it again this year! This is one of my favorite craft projects that I’ve created so far. You can do the same thing with regular balloons, to create eggs for Easter. 

Blow up a balloon to whatever size you would like. Because of Valentine’s Day, I hunted down heart shape latex balloons.

Roll the balloon in liquid starch. Michaels didn’t have liquid starch, but they gave me this “Stiffy” Fabric stiffener, which worked just as well. Because of the heart shaped balloon not rolling in the stiffener as well as a balloon would, I kind of painted it on. Then begin wrapping the string around the balloon, in every which direction. There is no right or wrong to this part. Being a heart, it is a little more difficult to cover the tops of the heart, but it turned out better than I thought it would. When you are finished wrapping the balloon with string, tuck loose ends in and give the balloon another coat of starch. Cover it well so it will harden.

Then place the balloon on two glasses and let it dry over night. When balloon is completely dry, pop it and pull the broken pieces out. Voila!

You can do what you’d like with it, but I thought it would be cute to pull some ribbon through it and hang it from the light over my kitchen table. Can’t wait to create some eggs for Easter, using regular balloons!!

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