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What To Wear: Dressy Yellow Top with Jeggings and Tall Boots

What To Wear: Dressy Yellow Top with Jeggings and Tall Boots


I mentioned just a little while ago that I have been doing some clothes shopping this week, in preparation for an upcoming photo shoot. Because this is my first photo and video shoot I’m a tad nervous, and I want my outfit to be as perfect as can be! I thought I would share with you a few outfit choices, and get your opinions. The first outfit I posted was a Long Burnt Orange Sweater with Jeggings and Short Boots. You can check it at at the previous link.

This second outfit contains a shiny/dressy yellow top with jeggings and tall boots. I know some people had some reservations about the short boots with the other outfit, but some tell me that the short boots are very fashion forward. I still love me some tall boots though. I think that because the top in this selection is short, I’d cover up more leg with the tall boots.

I LOVE the yellow top and cardigan! I’m also digging the necklace and earring choice with this outfit. To tie everything together, and make things a bit more fitted, I thought a fun studded belt to go around the cardigan and top would be just right. What do you think?

The only thing I’m torn about is the fact that so much of my large thighs are shown in this outfit. I think sleek black is what goes best with the top though. It could just be my insecurities, or it could be unflattering. My mom usually won’t let me go out wearing something embarrassing and she says it’s okay. It is what it is when it comes to my chunks.

Out of the two outfits shared so far, which is your favorite?

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  • I’m bringing yellow, too! 🙂 I think it will be a ray of sunshine in what sounds like miserable cold! Bring both tops with you, and the jewelry, too! The stylist will have the final say.

    I’m wearing jeggings, too! So glad someone else is, as well. I just hope I don’t freeze my buns off! Ha!

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