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WonderStruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God by Margaret Feinberg

WonderStruck: Awaken to the Nearness of God

I recently received a copy of WonderStruck by Margaret Feinberg. I generally shy away from religious books, as I’m firmly rooted in my own religion and I prefer to read from the many prolific writers of my faith. But this book looked like a good one, so I forged ahead, knowing we all need to renew our faith in the presence of God in our lives. Margaret says “We remain asleep while God roosts in our midst. Inactive and inert, we become spiritual sleepyheads who clamor for the snooze button rather than climb out of bed. In our dormant states, we miss the opportunities to experience his many gifts and to know the Giver more fully.”

I’ve been blessed throughout my life to know God and was trained to look for the workings of God in all aspects of my life. It’s my constant quest to be close to the Spirit and feel his presence in my life. Having said this, it’s apparent many of us fail daily to see the Wonder of God. Margaret states, “The Creator desires to captivate us not just with his handiwork but with himself – displaying facets of his character, igniting us with his fiery love, awakening us to the intensity of his holiness.”

WonderStruck is written with beautiful prose, and lovely visualizations of the beauty of God. Feinberg uses personal glimpses of her journey through life, and then compares or supports these experiences with scriptural reference. I believe our lives are enriched when we find the capacity to liken the scriptures unto ourselves. I appreciated her biblical references and her ability to use ancient scripture and how it applies to modern life.

Each chapter takes us on a different journey of how we can open ourselves to the wonder of God. For those who are struggling with the daily vicissitudes of life, this book is a gift. I appreciated that Feinberg didn’t press any particular form of worship, or organized religion, but emphasized the beauty of accepting Jesus Christ on our life, and knowing that God lives. As each of us face trials in life, it’s imperative that we shift our focus outward, rather than inward. Feinberg recommends that, “we begin discovering the wonder of the presence of God all around us – and ultimately how he works through us, In the most opaque circumstances of life, even when he feels a million miles away, the knowledge of the presence of God allows us to laugh when everything else says we should be crying.”

It’s truly a gift to seek God always, and have faith He is there for us. This book will open your eyes and help you on your journey. At the end of the book, Feinberg offers a 30 day Challenge to Experience God More. I intend to accept the challenge and participate in each of the simple daily tasks to increase the Wonder of God in my own life.

The paperback version of WonderStruck is only $8.50 on Amazon!


I received a promotional item to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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  • Hi Laurel– So thrilled you enjoyed Wonderstruck. We’re hosting a 21 days of wonder at starting on Monday, January 14th– I hope you’ll join us and awaken to the wonder of God! Thanks so much for your sweet review, Laurel.

  • Oh it sounds like a beautiful book! I think she is right. We easily get distracted with daily life and forget to see God in our lives and his miraculous creations. I like how you said she likens the ancient scriptures to our time now. That is very important to me when reading religious books.

  • thanks for the review–I will have to put it on my list to read–I like hearing about new books that interest me–I too don’t know if I would have read it otherwise-so thanks for sharing

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