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Spring Air & Filtrete Healthy Home Remodel Contest

Every home has one, or multiple, heating and cooling air filters.  Our home happens to have 3 of them and it’s always been my husband’s job to stay on top of changing them. Over the years, hubby has purchased and tried all different types and brands of air filters. The really cheap ones only last one month and the re-usable ones take time to clean and then dry.  This takes a lot of time in my opinion (less time for honey-dos), and my husband thinks neither of these types have the quality and the filtering capacity that 3M Filtrete Air Cleaning Filters have.

Living in a very active agricultural area, we have to be very cautious because seasonal allergies are a big issue. I didn’t have any allergies as a kid, but it seems the older I get the more severe my seasonal allergies are. Hubby’s are even worse than mine! He can get into quite the coughing fits if he’s not careful. Between new planting and high pollen counts in the Spring, and harvest during the Fall, it is imperative that we take care of ourselves and our air. We get nice cool evenings in Northern California, due to delta breeze, which means we like to open our windows for fresh air.  Because of all of the fresh crops (which we love), we need to be armed with great air filters. 

If you don’t want to take my word for it, consumer magazines rate Filtrete Air Cleaning systems #1 in areas of air moving efficiency (won’t restrict air flow which can be harder on your heating and cooling system) and  high capturing of typical airborne dusts and allergens.

For a healthy home you can get the 1000 Micro-particle Performance Rating (MPR) filter for around $9 after a $3 mail-in-rebate that is available until the end of this year.  If you or someone in your home has problems with allergies, which are especially bad in the Fall or Spring, I would recommend getting the Filtrete Ultimate Allergen Reduction Filter. This particular has nearly double the MPR rating, which is 1900.  The cost is a tad more at around $17 after the mail-in rebate.  Those of you with allergy sufferers in the home know that it’s a small price to pay to keep everyone comfortable and happy!

Here are the features of the Filtrete Ultimate Allergen Reduction Filter:

• Ideal for allergen defense
• Helps capture up to 93% of large airborne particles such as household dust, pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris, from the air
passing through the filter
• Helps capture 4X times more microscopic particles, such as smoke, smog, pet dander and particles that can carry bacteria and viruses, than ordinary pleated filters

Find out where you can buy Filtrete Filters. While you are there, be sure to print your $3 Mail-In Rebate!

If you are as pleased with Filtrete Filters as much as I am, and are confident in your writing skills, visit Filtrete’s facebook page to enter to win a grand prize of $30,000 in home inspections, repairs, and renovations by a Holmes Group approved contractor. You will also have a chance at winning one of the four $5,000 prizes to make home repairs. Just follow these steps by June 2013:

  • “Like” the Filtrete Brand on facebook
  • Write a 1,000 word essay why your home deserves a healthy remodel
  • Submit two photos in support of your essay


I am pleased to be working with 3M, and as such will be receiving promotional items throughout the year. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  • Pretty picture! I think I’ll give these filters a try. I’m always shocked at how much crud my filters pick up.

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