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Tips For Finding The Right Salon Chair For You

Today’s post is something a little different than you typically see from me. I want to talk about salon chairs. Do you even know what a salon chair is? It could be a few things really. The main use I want to talk about is selecting a salon chair for your every day hair needs, or your actual salon if you have one. I don’t exactly have a salon, and many of you likely don’t either. However, I could be speaking to a few hair stylists here. If not at a shop, then perhaps at home, right? Having a 3 year old little girl with beautiful long hair, I’ve been learning the art of hair. Finding a good place to do Bea’s hair can be so tricky. I just think it would be so ideal to set up an actual salon chair, with adjustable height, in the bathroom for such purposes. So, I’ve started doing a little research for such a stool and came across this site company who offered me some tips in the way of salon chair shopping. Here we go:

If you are decorating your own salon, or spunky bathroom, I have a few tips from Comfort Stools to give you some insights. When it comes to choosing a salon chair, always keep in mind that it must compliment your salon design and/or bathroom, and decorating taste. You definitely don’t want a piece that is completely out of place. More important than appearance, you want a chair that will provide comfort to your customers; and cost effectiveness for yourself.

First you will want to pick a color. Pick colors that will enhance your ambiance and more pleasing to eyes. If I could find a pink salon chair, Bea would be in heaven! She would never want to get out of it! Another tip for style would be to stay simple and elegant. Try not to mix and match too many furniture designs.

Try to think of the welfare of your customers and choose salon chairs that will make them comfortable to sit in, such as cushioned and upholstered chairs. Ideal salon chairs have foot and adjustable back rests. You may also consider picking a salon chair that swivels 360 degrees with adjustable seat height. Choose salon chairs with rubber caster wheels for a smoother glide to any hard floor surfaces including hardwood floors.

If you are frugal like me, then considering the price is a key factor. Choose salon chairs that offer high quality at its lowest price. Sounds obvious right? Nowadays, several companies are already offering different types of salon chairs, so keep an eye out for customer satisfaction, warranties, and return policies. Some manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Free shipping never hurts either!

Because shopping online has become so popular, you will want to make sure the sites you shop from are using a secured server and are a verified business company of Better Business Bureau.  Finally, if you want all of the above mentioned qualities; you can visit Comfortstools.com.


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