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It is time to break out all of the Easter decorations! Easter will be here before you know it. February and March seem to have just breezed right on by. I don’t feel nearly ready for Easter and Spring break. I have more decorating and planning to do. Last year around this time, I had a Pinterest challenge where readers nominated an Easter project. The project that was nominated were these Easter Candle Holders that were found on the CSI Project, via Pinterest of course. I had a heck of a time finding good supplies in town, to complete the project. So, I made due with what I could find. You can view my Easter Candle Holders from last year, to see how they’ve improved this year.

This year, my mom planned ahead. When she was out of town she went to a Hobby Lobby and picked up some better wood plaques, for the purpose of making new candle holders. She also found some sturdier, and cuter, eggs. I think my mom’s Easter Candle Holders turned out great! Here’s how you make them:

Needed supplies:

6 wood plaques (preferably flat in the center)
5/16″ wood dowel
9 decorative eggs
acryllic paints or spray paint
wood glue
3 candles



Take your wood plaques and drill a straight hole right in the middle. Be careful not to go all the way through. These are the plaques from last year’s project. If you can find plaques that are flat like the ones in the top picture, that is recommended.


Drill a straight hole through the center of each egg. Just be careful to try and get the holes straight or it can result in crooked eggs. These are the styrofoam eggs I used in last year’s project. Wood or heavy plastic works much better for yielding good results.

egg-projectPaint each of your bases a nice pastel or Easter color. You will need two plaques in each color you choose. Be sure to allow paint to completely dry, then flip over and paint the other side.

Thread the eggs onto a 5/16″ dowel and make a mark where you want each cut to be. I choose three different sized candle holders. The down gets placed into the holes drilled into the plaques. Try not to leave much excess wood.

After the paint is dry, stick a little wood glue in the holes, or on the dowel. Place one end into the bottom plaque and thread the eggs onto the dowel. Then place the top plaque onto the top of the dowel. Voila! Now be prepared that the dowels sometimes get a little wobbly, and it can be tricky to get them to stand up completely straight. The taller your holder, the more wobbly it will be. The straighter your drilled holes, the sturdier your stand will be.

easter candle holders

I just got some basic white candles and tied a ribbon around them. You could get creative and use some Easter scrapbook paper and tie with a ribbon, etc.


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