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Join Me For Freshman Orientation at Monsters University with Pixar #MonstersUEvent

Guess who’s going back to school!!! This time that I go to school I won’t be studying music, psychology or French. Instead, I will be studying to be the best scarer there is! Think I can top the beloved monsters Sully and Mike Wazowski?

This girl has been invited to attend Freshman Orientation at Monsters University! Who could turn down an invite from Disney and Pixar, to join something this spectacular?

monsters university


In 2001 we were swept off of our feet with one of the early Pixar films, Monsters Inc. This film became a quick favorite among many families, mine included. I was captivated by Sully and his big cuddly self (despite the fact that he was the best scarer there was), Mike Wazowski and his humor, and the adorable little Boo! Boo reminds me so much of my own little girl. Packed with personality and charm, the trio warmed my heart.

Monsters University Freshman Orientation #MonstersUEvent

Your favorite Monsters will be returning to theaters everywhere on June 21st, with Monsters University. The prequel to Monsters Inc. takes us back to college where the monsters first learned to become the best scarers they could be. I personally can’t wait to see the film in all of it’s glory!

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Now back to MY news! During the first part of April, I will be hanging out at the Pixar Campus, learning all about Monsters University and how it was created. The crazy thing is that I don’t live very far from Emeryville and I had no idea that was where Pixar is located! We could be BFFs if they’ll have me!  In addition to a tour of Pixar, I will be interviewing the Director Dan Scanlon and the Producer Kori Rae.

blue umbrella

One of my favorite things about the already fantastic Pixar movies are the captivating short films that precede the feature films. While at Pixar, I will be viewing the short film The Blue Umbrella, which you will all see ahead of Monsters University.

walt disney family museum WDFM-Exterior-with-Bridge

To conclude my trip, I will be visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. I have never been so I am super excited! Please join me for freshman orientation at Monsters University by following the hashtag #MonstersUEvent. We will keep you up to date with the latest happenings of the movie and much more! Be sure to also “Like” MONSTERS UNIVERSITY on Facebook, and “Follow” Disney/Pixar on Twitter.


MONSTERS UNIVERSITY releases in theaters on June 21st!


I am being provided with an all expense paid trip to visit with Pixar and Disney, to facilitate my coverage. All opinions expressed are my own.

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