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5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day, Disneynature Style

Honey bee worker nectaring on Zinnia

Maybe I’m just a dork, but I kind of love celebrating Earth Day with my kids! My kids both love the outdoors and nature so Earth Day seems like the perfect way to celebrate it! Just so you don’t miss it, this year’s Earth Day is on Monday, April 22, 2013.

5 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

Here are a few ways to celebrate Earth Day, and how we do it in our family. See if you can adapt any for your own celebrations:

1- Take a trip to the recycling center: we try to save bottles and cans to recycle (in our state we get cash back if we take them to the recycling center). Earth day is a great time to take in our recycling and even use the money we make for a special treat.

2- Plant seeds: my kids love working in the garden! Earth day is a great time to get in the garden and teach the kids about seed growth. You can encourage your community to plant seeds too.

3- Go for a nature walk: We are fortunate to live near a bike path that leads through some orchards. I love taking the kids on walks to point out how the trees change through the year. No matter where you live, find an opportunity to enjoy nature at a park or just a walk through the neighborhood.

4- Star Gazing: we love to go out in our backyard and get huddled up in blankets and look at the stars. I would love to say that I know all kinds of constellations that I point out to the kids (but I don’t)! It’s still a great time enjoying the night sky and making a few wishes!

Disneynature Wings of Life

5- Disneynature field trip: I recently saw my first Disneynature film, “WINGS OF LIFE”. I was so impressed with the beautiful videography that took me on a journey through lush green forests, rushing waterfalls and close up shots of vibrant blooming flowers. This film was a look at the journey that “all things with wings” take on a daily basis.

Male white-necked Jacobin near Heliconia blooms

From Hummingbirds sucking nectar, to butterflies emerging from a cocoon, I felt as though I was on an amazing field trip with stunningly close up views that I could never imagine getting in real life. This year I am going to end our Earth Day celebration by going on a “Disneynature” field trip in showing “WINGS OF LIFE” to the kids.

I hope that by letting my kids get up close and personal with the beauty of nature, they will want to make caring for it a part of their core values. Disneynature’s “WINGS OF LIFE” is officially out on DVD and Blu-ray today, so pick it up and watch it with the family on Earth Day! A little fun fact: the film is even narrated by Meryl Streep!


I received a free copy of the “Wings Of Life” DVD to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  • These are fantastic tips. I love the idea of going on a nature walk or stargazing. My kids would love that. I hadn’t heard of the DisneyNature films before but this sounds incredible and something my dad who is a big nature photographer will love. I’ll have to pass it along to him.

  • Great tips! I actually went stargazing with some blogger friends and the technology is amazing!! We were able to use our mobiles and connect it to the telescope for amazing quality pics!

  • I love your tips, Emily! My children are adults now (sometimes I felt we were the only ones in the neighborhood playing outside when they were young) and I live alone in NYC. I have to search for the moon at night and rarely see the stars here, but we treasure our parks. I just bought my copy of “Wings of Life” and am saving it for Earth Day. I’m sure your kids are going to love it! 🙂

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