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Are you a Germophobe? LYSOL is Launching their Healthing Initiative

How many of you reach for the disintecting wipes when you go to the grocery store, or any store that has shopping carts? How many times a day do you wipe off your counters, or have your kids use antibacterial products? I didn’t used to be a germophobe, but I’m getting to be more so. I am always washing or sanitizing my hands! I know there are all kinds of cooties out there, and I don’t like the idea of being unprotected from those infectious critters. And I can’t stand to have dirt or stickiness on my hands.

LYSOL is starting a new campaign to help with awareness and information. I’ve always figured to be well informed is to be well armed.

healthing guidebook

LYSOL is introducing the concept of Healthing – a new idea centered on keeping families as healthy as possible. Can’t complain about that, right? LYSOL is looking beyond just cleaning and ensuring that the proper steps are taken to stay well and healthy. What extra steps do you take to keep your family healthy? I know how important it is to clean up after messes – especially when body fluids are involved. I make sure to use LYSOL, especially in these instances. I also know I need more information on how to better protect my family from those invisible cooties.

For LYSOL’s tips on ways to incorporate Healthing into your cleaning routine as well as additional information about their Healthing Initiative, visit the LYSOL website.

LYSOL and television personality Giuliana Rancic have partnered together to visit YMCAs in select markets across the country to demonstrate Healthing in action. At each YMCA location, LYSOL will provide attendees with hands-on education about the products and steps required to practice improved hygiene habits in their own home, while making the idea fun and relatable to kids. LYSOL will also provide educational information and disinfecting products to the local YMCAs, along with the donation of a one-year membership to a deserving family.

I believe if we all work together, we can combat some of the infections that go around and keep our families healthier and safer. Visit the LYSOL facebook page and website to learn how you can take part in this healthing initiative!


“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for LYSOL®. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

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