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Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat Is Easy To Install and Grows With Your Child

One of the very first material things you NEED to have for a brand new baby is a car seat. I think aside from some diapers and some clothes or a blanket to keep your baby warm, and you of course, those babies just need a safe ride home from the hospital. For some people, the car seat gets pushed to the back of their mind until they are sitting in the hospital waiting for discharge papers when it dawns on them that they don’t have a way to get that precious new baby home. Ever happen to you?

I’ve had 4 babies that I have been able to take home from the hospital and I always made sure to get as prepared as I could, and in advance since you don’t always know when they will make their arrival. I wasn’t the type to have a room all painted and ready for them, but I did have the necessities. When purchasing car seats for your little ones, what are the most important factors to you? Is it the color, or the price? While those things may matter, I’m sure you want your kids to be SAFE! I always researched car seats online and by talking to friends, before purchasing.

Car Seat Infographic for ages and stages of your child

It is amazing how many people don’t purchase the proper car seat for the proper age of their child! Car Seat Safety is so important and Julie Prom has five helpful tips for Car Seat Safety and I thought I’d share my favorite with you.

Always buckle your baby into the safety seat first, and then cover the baby with blankets.  Avoid bulky clothing and add-on products such as car seat buntings. This can interfere with proper harness fit and crash performance of the seat. A good trick for older children is to buckle them in without their jacket and then put it back on them backwards over the harness. Not only do these techniques ensure proper harness fit, but also avoids overheating by allowing the baby to be easily uncovered or the child to take his jacket off once the car gets warmer.”


Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat

Have you ever been frustrated with installing car seats, and wonder if you’ve got it tight enough? I’m raising my hand! I used to always make my husband install the car seats because I worried I didn’t get it in securely enough! The Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat is a smart choice for Moms looking to purchase a car seat because parents of any size or strength can easily install the NextFit correctly with the SuperCinch™ LATCH tightener, which uses force-multiplying technology to help achieve a tight and secure fit – no strong muscles required. No more needing hubby to climb into the car seat and pull on the straps as hard as he can!

chicco nextfit gravity car seat

Another great feature is that the Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat  protects your child through the next stage of growth! I say yay to not having to purchase a new car seat when they grow, just like those new clothes and shoe purchases! Kids can be expensive so save where you can; especially if there is safety involved! If you are expecting, or have a baby, I recommend checking the Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat out! If I was in that boat, that’s what I’d be doing!


“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Chicco and I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

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  • I will need to buy a new carseat this summer. I really like what I have read on this one. Is it weird to drool over a carseat!?! Haha!

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