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Clean Up Your Air With Air Purifiers + 20% Off Coupon

Spring is here, and unfortunately so are my allergies. I never used to have allergies, but in the past 2 years they have crept up on me. I live in a very agricultural area, which I happen to love. The only drawback is these new seasonal allergies I have developed. Luckily I don’t have to deal with a lot of smog and thick area up in Northern California, but having clean air in my house is super important.

For the past three weeks I thought I had been dealing with a cold that just wouldn’t get away. I went to Southern California this week and got back very late last night. When I woke up this morning, I felt very crummy and as if my cold had returned. My nose is stuffed up and my throat is thick, and I just sound sick. I called a friend and she said that it was likely allergies. I think she’s right! Waking up back in my hometown is just the thing to flare these allergies back up.

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As I have told you earlier this year, I am working on replacing all of the air filters in my house, but now I want to work on using some air purifiers to see if that helps with these allergies. As part of your Spring cleaning, and/or allergy prevention, you can pick up Air Purifiers at Best Buy, using this 20% off Air Purification coupon. I know how much you all like to save $$!!

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I decided to educate myself about what it is air purifiers do, to see if they really could help my allergies. Moving is not an option for me, so I need to make the best of what I have. It looks like the proper air purifiers can help with allergens (yay), germs, odors and humidity. If air purification can help your health, odors and humidity, it sounds like a nice product to me. Time to save up! In looking at some of the air purifiers on the Best Buy site, it looks like they are quite affordable! I wonder if they will work well enough so that I can avoid taking allergy medication. That thing could pay for itself!

Have you ever used an air purifier, and did you notice a difference?


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  • I use an air purifier in my son’s room. It helps him a lot with his allergies. The trick is to make sure you have the right size for the room and that you change the filters when it is needed. When it is really humid out I even like to be in his room.

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