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Spring Cleaning With Adjustable Closet Organizers for Children

Closet Organizers and systems have been on my mind lately. Every day that I step into my kids’ rooms, I just shudder at how disorganized their closets are. It actually causes me a bit of anxiety so I just slowly back out of the room and shut the door. Their rooms are fairly clean and picked up right now, but the closets and dressers are a sore spot for me.

Are you finished with your Spring cleaning yet? I have barely put a dent into mine! This whole recovering after a car accident bit sure isn’t helping me move things along! I think one of the biggest Spring cleaning tasks that I have this year is going to have to be cleaning out and organizing closets. Now that my closet is complete, I must tackle the kids’ closets. Once I sort through the junk, I want to think about possibly using some closet organizers. It can be extremely difficult to plan a design and build a closet for your children when they are still very young and they have a lot of growing to do. They are going to grow into and out of many different outfits before their time with their closets is through. With a child’s growth in mind, I think the key to a successful closet design is making sure that all the separate pieces are constructed in a way that makes them easily adjustable as your child, or children, grow up.

Closet Organizers for Children

In doing some research, I discovered that three of the most popular closet organizers for children are:

Tailored Living Drawer Organizer

    • Customized drawer dividers

  • Drawer dividers are perfect closet organizers for kids because they help teach organization at an early age. They will help instill values such as the importance of keeping their items organized and neat, which in turn helps mom not to go crazy over the disorganization! They are also great for separating different types of socks or undergarments. As children grow older, they will start to use the dividers for other things like dress socks, dress belts, and other apparel that is only worn or used on certain occasions. I have a bunch of boys so who knows what types of sporting gear they will need to keep!

Tailored Living Shelf Cubbies

    • Closet shelving dividers that create cubbies

  • Single shelved closet organizers can easily be split into multiple units with the use of dividers. Dividers are perfect for children who grow in and out of different styles. When they are young they may only have one solid pair of shoes so they can use the divided sections for toys, collections, or other clothing articles. As they get older and start to put the toys into the organized garage storage they may start to use the cubbies for more shoes, clothing, or who knows โ€“ maybe they are still collecting toys!

Tailored Living Children's Closet

    • Adjustable shelving and hanging rod units

  • These two items are absolutely crucial for growing children. Not only will it be difficult for a small child to reach things in an adult-sized closet, but their clothing wonโ€™t be long enough to hang correctly from the rods. With adjustable rods and shelves, you can continually adjust the closet to fit the constantly changing needs of growing children! I absolutely love this and it’s my dream to be able to have my kids’ closet spaces this orderly and accessible for the kids! As it stands right now, I have to help most of them get clothes and toys down for them. 

Tailored Living closet organizers are customized to each unique closet design and can be specialized to fit your situation perfectly. Give them a call today to get started and please show me your finished closet! I’ll bet your closets are in better shape than mine!!


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