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Learning Through Play-Doh

Albert Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research.” If Einstein said it, who am I to argue? So let’s play! My product review of Play-Doh Box o’ Color and the Play-Doh Flip ‘n Frost Cookies Set.

As a preschool teacher, I have always believed that children learn best through hands-on activities that allow them to just have fun and play. So when I look for toys for my children, I always look for toys that allow the freedom and creativity to do just that.

play-dohPlay-Doh has always been one of my “go-to” activities to do this with! As soon as I open a tub of Play-Doh my kids get so excited! Whether its my 18 month old, my 3 year olds from my preschool music and movement class, or my 6 year old, Play-Doh keeps them entertained. I love that one compound works well with any age group or skill level! While the kids are excitedly producing play-doh creations, they have no idea that they are getting a great educational experience! Play-doh is a great way to teach colors and shapes, offer a wonderful sensory experience, build fine motor skills and provide hours of creative play!

play-doh box o color

Play-Doh has recently launched some new products that makes the fun even easier for moms and kids to enjoy! One new product that I absolutely love is the Play-Doh Box o’ Color. This is just the product that I have been waiting for. The box o’ color is a box of 16 individually wrapped 1 oz play-doh sticks in a variety of classic colors. The sticks are just the right size for an individual sized use of play-doh, which makes breaking out the play-doh even easier! Because they individually wrapped they are great to keep on hand, and use whenever your little one has the need to get their fingers into something! I am thinking of popping a couple of them in my diaper bag to keep on hand when we are sitting waiting, and my 18 month old could use something to keep her hands busy! Its also great for use in classrooms, daycares or preschoools because each child can have his or her own play-doh to use and take home at the end of the day! I’m going to use these with my preschool music and movement group next week, and I know they are going to just love it!

play-doh flip n frost

To help with the play and creativity play-doh has also launched its new Play-Doh Flip ‘n Frost Cookies Playset, as part of the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe collection. This is a fun little play set that lets children create delicious looking cookies and frosting. The set comes with several cookie presses that allow kids to cut out different shapes of cookies. Then push a little ball of play-doh through the press in the middle, and squeeze out swirly tubes of frosting! This is a great way to use Play-doh’s new “Play-doh Plus”. Play-doh plus is a new compound from play-doh that has all of the elements that we love about classic play-doh but with a lighter and fluffier texture. This makes the frosting that is even more realistic looking!

flip n frost play-doh

The great thing about this toy is that it just enhances the creative fun that comes naturally with play-doh! My little girl loved the frosting press! She had so much fun putting the press in and out, and out and in, and in and out again! My son also loved the frosting maker and was inspired to make a birthday cake for nana’s upcoming birthday (he even found a birthday candle to stick in it)! We did find that the frosting press was a little hard for the kids to push down when the play-doh was inside of it, but with a little help from mom, we had beautifully swirled frosting! Decorating cakes and cookies with Play-doh’s newest creations is a recipe for fun!

play-doh fun

The Play-doh Flip ‘n frost cookies play set is 9.99 and comes with 2 classic play-doh tubs and 1 tub of play-doh plus. Additional play-doh plus tubs are also available for 4.99 for a set of 8 different colors, and the play-doh box o’ colors is available for 4.99 for 16 different 1 oz containers.


I received the Play-doh sets for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

Leanne Cox is a guest writer for She is a stay-at-home mom to two kids, and a credentialed preschool teacher. Leanne teaches “mommy-and-me” and “preschool style” music & movement classes through her business “Little Stars Music & Movement Classes” . She is passionate about encouraging early childhood education through hands on learning and exploration.

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