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Partying With DOLE Fruit Crisps

dole fruit crisp

Do you love cobblers and fruit crisps, but hate the time it takes to make them? Or perhaps you can whip up a batch fairly quickly, but you just know the crumb topping is going to put you over your daily caloric intake! I have found a delicious solution and it takes only 30 seconds, and you don’t need to feel guilty about eating it! DOLE Fruit Crisps are one of my favorite go-to sweet treats that I can feel okay about eating. They are also a good snack for busy kids and moms on the run. They are packed full of complex carbohydrates with whole grain oats, but without the high sodium you see in other foods.
kids and dole fruit crisps

I don’t know about your kids but my kids like to have choices.  Before having some girlfriends (and a couple of hubbies) over for a relaxing and tasty party, I let my boys indulge. The DOLE Fruit Crisps come in three yummy flavors:  Apple Cinnamon (160 calories), Apple Pear (150 calories), and Peach (150 calories).  One of the twins tried peach, while the other tried the apple cinnamon. Both were winners! Each of the fruity flavors have a crunchy oat topping you and your kids will love to savor.  Because they are low in calories, if you are trying to “watch your weight”, you can snack on DOLE Fruit Crisps without a lot of regret.

dole party

Each DOLE Fruit Crisps comes with two containers/servings per package. I was sent several of each flavor so my friends and family could give them a try. We decided to make a night of it. I was sent name cards for each flavor, some peach juice and vanilla so we could make our own mocktails, nail polish for some girly fun, and some cards with “Quick Fix Tips” for those last minute cravings.  Because our food was already covered, I picked up a couple of movies to choose from and a couple of new games to play.

painting nails

As I suspected, we didn’t end up watching a movie because we all just gab too much! Some of us did get some nail painting in! We all loved the tip of using markers as a quick fix for filling in any chipped paint! We even played a new game I picked up called “Would You Rather”. It was a nice game that didn’t require a lot of movement, but it sparked a lot of laughter and fun conversation!

eating dole fruit crisps

The thing that I really loved about this party is that food really did bring us together. It was still light outside when we started, and we just kept chatting and playing as the sun went down! I always have such a good time when I get together with my friends, even when they bring their hubbies! I think the men just came because they heard there’d be good food!

apple dole fruit crisp

You can take the DOLE Fruit Crisps to the park so you and your kids can snack on them cold, or you can pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds for a warm snack at home. I’ve found that heating them up is the favorite among my friends and family! After you are finished with your crisp, just throw away the container for easy clean-up. Visit the Dole website to learn more about the fun Fruit Crisps.


“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Dole. I received product samples to facilitate my party and review, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

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