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Super Mario Brothers Themed Bedroom With BEHR Paint + BuzzFeed Partnership

BEHR Paints provided me with free paint to facilitate my upcoming project and post.

I feel as though “really” getting settled in a house takes such a long time. Then again, it could just be that the projects never seem to end when you own a home. I have always dreamed of being able to move right into a home that is built to taste, walls are coated with beautiful colors of paint, and is decorated to perfection. Unfortunately that isn’t reality for me. However, sometimes the fun is in the planning and accomplishments.

I tried to paint most of the walls in my house before moving in. I find it can be easier to paint when the rooms are already vacant. Over time I got two out of three of the bathrooms painted and now all that is left are the two boys’ rooms and the guest bathroom.
behr paint

BEHR Paint

My boys have been plotting and planning what their room would look like, for the past year. To make things easier on me, all of the boys decided they would go with a Super Mario Brothers theme. Okay, not that Mario will be easy to paint, but at least I don’t have to come up with two completely different designs and colors. The twins share one room and my oldest has his own room. I will have some variation between rooms, but at least the color scheme will be the same.

Behr provided me with two gallons of Pale Sky 560A-1 and a gallon of Cress Green 430B-7, to help get me started on this project. I thought those colors would fit well enough for a Super Mario Brothers sky and grassy hills.
drawing hills
Before I began painting, I took a wash cloth to the walls to remove any dirt. Then my oldest and I came up with a plan for a backdrop. We decided to take care of the sky and the hills first, then all of the details can be painted over the top. To create rounded hill tops for the newer version of Mario, I made my own drawing compass, if you will, with a pencil and a piece of string (or cord). First determine the width of your hills, then find the center. Wrap your string around the tip of your pencil and hold the bottom of your created compass at the center point. Draw your half circle then use a straight edge to continue the hill down to the bottom of the wall.
partially painted wall
We began painting by rolling the Behr Pale Sky paint onto the wall. I tired easily (still recovering from car accident) so hubby and son had to take over. We still need to cut-in, but most of the sky is painted. We will do the grass next, so stay tuned to see more pictures of our project!

If you need color inspiration for your walls or projects, is blog about all things color through the eyes of Erika Woelfel, Director of Color at BEHR Paints.

While you wait for my next Mario project update, I want to share a super cool partnership and DIY website with you! Behr Paints is excited to embark in a first-time partnership with to launch the site’s new DIY vertical. Articles will focus on home decor, crafts, design, weddings, architecture, designer profiles, tips, advice and project ideas. Some super fun articles have already been written, so enjoy oogling over the creative minds and beauty before you:



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Weren’t those colorful cities just awesome? I’d like to visit them all, but I was wowed by the Poland photo. I also think I’m going to take some cues from the article written on ways to revamp the outside of your house. So many great ideas!


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