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Thinning Hair Got You Down?

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Thin is not a term I use much for myself lately, but when referring to my hair – it’s getting thin. My hubs hair is thinning too. Makes me wonder what my kids have to look forward to. I come from a family of thinning hair folks. I had thick, lush hair when I was younger, but thyroid issues and child-bearing has taken its toll. Not sure why my husband’s hair is thin, but he never seemed to have a thick head of hair. My dad is bald on top, and my mom’s hair is thin from thyroid, as well. I recall when my brother was in high school, my mom brought home some Rogaine for him, but after reading the label, they opted to not use it. It seems to me a natural source of treatment would be the optimal way to go.


I’ve just been introduced to a new product: Viviscal – a new, 100% natural hair growth vitamin, clinically proven to support the growth of thinning hair in men and women. It’s touted to be safe, proven, affordable and drug-free. Viviscal nourishes and strengthens hair where it counts – from the inside- out.

Viviscal has received acclaim from industry top fashion magazines, and has been featured on Dr. Oz and The View. A number of top models have reported using it and seeing results within 3-6 mos.

My hubs is bugged by his thinning hair and is seriously thinking about giving this natural product a try. It’s taken like any daily vitamin supplement. Some people have even reported getting stronger nails while taking Viviscal Hair Growth products. Definitely a product worth looking into, if you’re bothered by thinning hair.

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