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Turning Organized Chaos Into Organized Bliss with Rubbermaid® All AccessTM Organizers

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Organized Chaos Into Organized Bliss

Sometimes it seems like my life slogan should read “organized chaos”! I am a stay-at-home mom to my two kids as well as a owning a small preschool music and movement business. During my hour long classes we use a large variety of equipment ranging from bells and hand drums to ribbons and exercise balls! Because I am also responsible for getting equipment to classes at various locations, taught by different instructors, organization is the key to my survival!

I try to keep myself organized by keeping all of my music and movement equipment in separate organizer containers in my office. I finish up a busy week of classes by putting all the equipment back in it’s container, which gets stacked up with all of the other containers.

It seems like a fairly good system, until the inevitable happens… I get all of the equipment stored away, and then find that one loose item that somehow managed to be hidden until  everything else got put away. So, I set that one wayward hand bell on the corner of my desk to be properly put away later. Fast forward a few weeks, and that one wayward bell is being joined by a small pile of other random wayward items! Fast forward a few more weeks and that small pile is now a huge mountain on my desk, leaving my system of organization a mere dream.

Rubbermaid All AccessTM Organizers

Since I had no music and movement classes scheduled for this week, I decided to tackle the chaos that had become my office! I wanted to not only clean up the mess that had been piling up, but also to develop a new organization system that would keep me from letting it get so out of hand in the future. I think I have found the solution in Rubbermaid® All AccessTM storage containers. These organizers have the sturdy, durable design that I have come to depend on from Rubbermaid® tubs, with a new twist… They have a see-through flap at the front that opens and closes. This way, when I have one of those pesky loose items, I have easy access to put it back where it needs to go, without pulling down the whole stack of tubs. This makes it just as convenient to put things back where they really belong, as that messy pile on my desk!

Another great feature is that the tubs come in a variety of sizes, which will be great for the vast variety of equipment  that I need for my classes. They also come in several colors including  black, turquoise and dark blue. I’m a very visual person so the idea of color coding my Rubbermaid® All AccessTM organizers really appeals to me! I’m thinking blue for dancing supplies, turquoise for instruments and black for everything else! This will make getting the right supplies back to the right spot easy! No more excuses for mountains of loose stuff on my desk!

Rubbermaid® All AccessTM organizers are available  at Walmart stores across the country, so getting your office, closets, kid’s toys and garage organized has never been easier!




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