Cordless Blinds Can Save Children’s Lives According to Recent Studies

Would you like to know what household item is a thorn in my side? That would have to be my blinds. The blinds themselves are just fine, but the cords are another story. I don’t know what it is but it seems as though blinds are coming with more and more cords everytime I buy them. The blinds in my last house had four pull cords for each window. It was absurd. There are two reasons I can’t stand the cords on my blinds. The first is that my kids are constantly tangling them up and getting them into these massive wad of knots that take me what seems like forever to untangle them. The second issue is the safety factor that one must think about with small children.
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Aside from the annoyance that I have with my blinds, they are often a disregarded essential home piece that can be unknowingly harmful to young, innocent lives. In a recent study on safety hazards in child care settings done by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, it was found that 26% of childcare facilities have window blind cords that contain loops. A window blind cord may seem insignificant, but children can easily strangle themselves on accident. Cordless blinds are not only easy to manage and maintain, but they prevent the risks of having a child strangle by these hypothetically unthreatening cords.

Now for a shocking fact: About one child strangulation takes place a month from the loops of window covering cords. If the kids can get them super tangled, then it isn’t surprising that strangulation can occur if one is not careful.

Since the year of 1990, two children have died in a childcare setting after they stood up in their cribs and became entangled in the cords emanating from the window blinds or shades. Just so sad! If your budget doesn’t allow for new window treatments (mine sure doesn’t at this moment in time), make sure that all cradles are well away from the windows. Budget Blinds would like to help in avoiding this from ever happening again, and have created a variety of cordless blinds that cater to your preference or the type of style that your desire.


Cordless blinds are made to be extremely durable and easily cleaned for use in the home or in child care settings. The option for motorization is also available to make your window coverings that much easier to manage all from one simple location; either a switch or a remote can both be programmed to your window treatments. Sounds heavenly to me! Cordless blinds and other window treats are customized to each specific window type. A Budget Blinds specialist will work with you and your window treatments from start to finish. They will analyze, prepare, and install the window treatments as soon as they are ready. If your home or childcare facility is due for renovations, give the experts a call and you could be saving a life tomorrow.

What are your pet peeves with window treatments?



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