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Extra Savings & Ease With Walmart Family Mobile Plan #FamilyMobileSaves

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You all know how big cell phones have become in most everyone’s lives. Do you ever feel like you are constantly looking for the best wireless plan out there? Until recently, I didn’t think that existed. To me, it was just choosing the lesser of evils. It is crazy just thinking about what we all did before cell phones existed! I remember the first cell phone (which was a car phone) that my parents owned. It was this big ol’ phone that was stored in an even bigger bag, and was kept in the car. Well, my parents have moved past that, but my mom – not as much.

mom and her new cell phone
My dad and I have had a smartphone for about 2 years now, and we even came late to the party. My mom however, had not gotten on the bandwagon, until I made her! My mom’s cell phone was capable of texting, but it was still technologically behind. I think my mom has fared quite well when it comes to other technological advances, but this cell phone bit has put her a tad behind. Granted, I don’t blame anyone for not wanting a smartphone for whatever the reason. My mom didn’t necessarily not want a smartphone though. She usually had my dad’s phone logged into her facebook account so she could use it. Needless to say, it was time for her to make a change so I thought I’d help her out by giving her a Samsung Galaxy SII to try out for a few months. I thought I’d give her a chance to just try having a smartphone to see if it’s something she think she’d like to have more long-term.
cell phones

Getting the phone was only half the battle. Cell phone plans can be outrageously expensive, and I personally am not happy about how much I am giving my cell phone company each month. Unfortunately, I am locked into a contract and can’t get out just yet. But when I do, I know exactly where I am going to hunt for a plan – Walmart!! That’s right, I found an awesome deal for my mom’s new cell phone, with the Walmart Family Mobile Plan. I wasn’t quite sure how it worked at first, but that’s because I was over-complicating things. It’s so easy, and way less expensive than what my mom would be paying on our current family plan.

mobile starter kit

I walked into Walmart with my mom’s phone in-hand, and told one of the cell phone guys that I was interested in the Walmart Family Mobile Plan. He whipped out this Starter Kit for $25, input the sim card for me, had me sign a couple of things and I was on my way. No joke – it was that fast! I of course asked him a couple of basic pricing and billing questions, but it was so painless. The last time I set up new service, it took FOREVER and my kids were bored to tears! I also love that you can manage your account online, for extra ease!

walmart family mobile online
Walmart has teamed up with T-Mobile to offer cheap wireless plans that families can afford. We all like to be connected, and there are definitely some pros to having that connection with your loved ones as well! Some fantastic things about the Walmart Family Mobile plan that I just can’t complain about. The plan is only $40 a month, and just $35 for each additional line. That’s not $40 for your smartphone and an additional $80 for the plan. It’s just a flat $40! My current plan is more like the other that I just mentioned. Makes me kinda sick to think I could be saving that much money each month! That $40 covers unlimited….can I say that again? Unlimited talk, text & web! Oh and perhaps the best part? This is a NO CONTRACT plan! Cancel at anytime with no strings attached! I plan to have my mom write a review after trying the phone/plan out for a month, to let you know what the coverage is like, but it does start out at 4G so it looks promising.

You can see more about my shopping experience and purchase via my Google+ Album.

Now to train my mom on how to use a smartphone, download apps, link her email, etc. If anyone has any tips or smartphone must-haves, comment on this post. I’m sure my mom could use the advice!

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  • What a wonderful treat for your Mom! My mother is in the same boat and I’m excited about how affordable it is, not to mention easy to start up, at the Walmart Family Mobile center! Mom’s birthday is just around the corner and she’d love to have improved access and features. Of course, we’d not likely ever get her out of Pinterest, but would be fun to treat her anyway! I’m looking forward to reading your Mom’s take!

  • I so wish this was available where we are (Alaska.) I really WANT a smartphone, but can’t stomach the thought of getting locked into a 2 year contract right now.

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