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Women and Finances: Overcoming the Anxiety Factor

“Information for this post is sourced from Genworth Financial in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network. All opinions expressed are my own. I’m sharing how women and finances don’t have to be stressful and tips to overcoming the anxiety factor.”


Women and Finances: Overcoming the Anxiety Factor

Lately I have been doing a lot of things to make myself feel healthier physically and mentally to aid in an all around healthier lifestyle. As part of my new healthier approach,  I have been doing some spring cleaning this month, in hopes of getting myself organized and de-cluttered. I always feel healthier and happier when my life is in order, which I think is true for a lot of people, particularly women.

For me, a big part of feeling organized is making sure that my finances are in order. When I feel like I’m doing great on my financial planning, it greatly improves my mental and physical health because it releases me of the burden and stress of always worrying about money (and we all know how unhealthy stress is, especially for women).

I’m curious about women and finances and how many women compared to men, deal with the finances. As I am not much of a finance girl, I am going to be using some of the financial help and resources available from Genworth Financial to better educate myself on money and financial matters. Genworth Financial is a provider of long term care insurance, life insurance, mortgage insurance and wealth management services. They are also very committed to financial education and have put together a series of helpful videos on financial planning. 

Because getting finances in order can be quite overwhelming, over the next few months I am going to be breaking it into 4 more smaller parts and working towards getting educated and organized on each, including:

Part 2: money management
Part 3:  planning for retirement
Part 4: life insurance
Part 5: long term care/caregiving

With help from the professionals at Genworth I hope to be able to get organized and free myself from the anxiety of financial stress.

To get started I watched Genworth’s video on how to “overcome planning anxiety”. For me, sometimes the hardest part is just getting over the anxiety of tackling such a big project as finances.

In this video, Dr. Barbara Nusbank, psychologist and money coach, talks specifically about that anxiety in relation to planning for long-term care. However, I found her advice useful for overcoming all anxiety about starting to work on finances.

A few of the suggestions that I found useful were:

  1. Realize that anxiety about money is normal but don’t let the anxiety control you.
  2. Hire a wealth management professional to work with you on financial planning and schedule at least 3 planning sessions with him or her.
  3. Don’t let your lack of money prevent you from planning.
  4. Make a clear list of your worries, feelings, and wishes about finances

The saying,  “A journey of a million miles starts with the first step”  rings true for me here! These 4 steps are a great way to take that first step to being financially organized.

So our homework (myself included) for part 1 is to watch the “overcoming planning anxiety” video and follow the 4 simple steps for getting started. Then stay tuned for “Part 2: money management” as we work on releasing the burden of money troubles together!


Leanne Cox is a guest writer for She is a stay-at-home mom to two kids, and a credentialed preschool teacher. Leanne teaches “mommy-and-me” and “preschool style” music & movement classes through her business “Little Stars Music & Movement Classes” . She is passionate about encouraging early childhood education through hands on learning and exploration.

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