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2 Weeks Off the 7 High Inflammatory Foods: 5.6 lbs Down!!!

Last Friday marked a full 2 weeks off the 7 high inflammatory foods! I can’t believe I have been able to stick to this for this long (mostly). If you are curious about what the 7 high inflammatory foods are, you can read my first post that talked about it (linked over there <—). I know many of you are following along to see how this diet affects me, and whether or not I am able to lose weight on it – as well as how it affects how I feel.

If you recall, the first week went quite well, with a 3.4 lb loss. I was quite pleased with that because I have seriously been stuck for the past 1.5-2 years! Let me give you a breakdown of how week two went.

green burrito super nachos

Day 1 of week 2 was a bit of a challenge. I had a garage sale that day and had worked my fanny off in the heat, most of the day, and the day before, so I was exhausted. In the meantime, hubby installed our upper kitchen cabinets. What this meant was that when 10:30pm rolled around, we were both starving. I made a run to Carl’s Jr./Green Burrito, since they seem to have the most gluten free options. Because I was so hungry, I splurged and went with a gluten free beef nachos. This did have dairy, soy and corn (3 of the foods I wasn’t supposed to have). To top it off, my husband wanted me to get him a milkshake while I was out. I couldn’t NOT drink some of it on the way home. So that means I had sugar too (4 things I wasn’t supposed to have). So – rough start. I was so good for the rest of the week, but boy did I have to pay for it.

Not only did I eat too late at night, those foods (mainly the dairy and sugar I believe) didn’t do me any good either. I think I may be okay with small amounts of corn and soy, but my body hangs onto the dairy. It took me from that Saturday night until Wednesday to work off that one meal! I gained about 2 pounds from it and even though I ate so good from Sunday on, that one bad late night meal stuck with me until Wednesday! Isn’t that terrible? Being good paid off though because then from Wednesday to Friday (weigh-in day) I managed to drop what I had gained, plus an additional 2.2 lbs, for a total of 5.6 lbs down after two weeks!! I am beyond thrilled with my results thusfar. Can you imagine how well I could have done without those nachos? No point in dwelling on that though. I consider the week a success.

I have played with some different recipes and have some very yummy meals and treats to tide me over with any urges that I get. My cravings improved this week. There was a day or two where I REALLY wanted a cold Diet Pepsi! It didn’t help that Diet Pepsi sent me an 8-pack in the mail! I was a good girl though, and gave it to my parents. And I had a minor craving for a Maple Butter Blondie or Lava Cake from Applebee’s or something. It passed quickly and I survived.

Skin was still so nice, clear, and smooth for week 2! Makes me happy! One thing I have noticed is that (TMI here) my bowels are a tad different and not as formed as I ever would have imagined. Perhaps my body will just take some time to get used to the whole no-gluten thing in my system.

I am still pleased with the diet and will continue into week 3! Stay tuned….

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