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An Interview with Beth Blecherman: Creator of

I just had a fun and informative interview with Beth Blecherman the creator of the blog and website Beth is promoting her new book “My Parent Plan – How to Create A Family Project Plan to Organize Your Life and Your Kids” where she gives sound advice for parents on how to schedule your time, as well as that of your family. She’s also partnered with Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium – the quintessential tool for getting organized and staying organized

As an at home working mom, I know first hand how challenging it is to keep all the balls in the air. I’ll admit – I need HELP! As a parent it’s a daunting task to effectively coordinate my family’s daily schedule between blogging, home, school, childcare, sports, recreation, community projects, church responsibilities,  friends, family and everything else in my busy life. Blecherman offers a step-by-step guide to organize your family’s schedule, taking a practical approach to coordinate priorities and activities inside and outside your home.  On her website I learned that with a “Parent Plan,” you’ll no longer say to yourself, “I could have done THAT… if I had just been more prepared.” My Parent Plan will give you confidence to respond in a way that’s best for you and your family, resulting in happier parents, happier children and a calmer household!

Beth has a background in consulting, technology and family management and uses her skills to help other families use project management and priority setting to create their own “Parent Plans.”

Please enjoy my interview with Beth, as I asked her a few candid questions about some of my concerns regarding technology and family management. Thank you Beth for your time and interest.


This is a sponsored post to help get the word out about Beth’s new book, as well as Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium.

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