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Finding Household Uses for Energizer Headlights #LightMyWay


As part of a sponsored post for Collective BiasĀ®, I decided to head to Walmart and pick up Energizer Headlights, to see if I could find useful ways to use them, aside from camping! My husband most certainly fell in love and found plenty of ways to put this bad boy to use. In fact, I think Santa may have some inspiration for next year’s stocking!

energizer headlights

When I headed into the store, I was unsure of where to look for these headlights, but decided to check out the camping aisle. Sure enough, there was an entire back wall that was dedicated to flashlights and of course, headlights! I didn’t know this wall existed! Something fun that I discovered is that many of the headlights come in a variety of colors. I’d like to get each of my boys their own LED headlight because I know they could have a blast with them. Every year around Christmas break, my family (and sometimes friends) enjoys a good game of sardines, outside. When I was in college we would play outside in the dark. These headlights would come in handy during a mad game of sardines!


The Energizer Headlights are comfy around the head and take 3 AAA batteries, which came in the package. I’m thinking the batteries should last a while too. Battery installation is a breeze and this is small enough to tuck away just about anywhere, so you can pull it out when the need arises. As I got to thinking about the uses for a headlight, I was amazed at some of the ideas my family and I came up with.

headlight in the garage

I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I head out to the garage to find something at night, and there isn’t nearly enough light. We have a light in the garage, but it is very dim and not very useful for finding what we need. Well, hubby put his new work headlight on and was able to spot the tools he needed, out in the dark garage. He said out loud, “I can’t believe I never bought one of these earlier!”

Then I pointed out to him that he could wear it when working under the sink. I think that is more of a benefit to me than him, because now I don’t have to stand over him holding a flashlight!!

wearing energizer headlight

Best if all, my daughter was thrilled that the headlight has an adjustable strap. She was tickled pink when she discovered she could wear it too! Oh the games my kids will be coming up with now!

You can see my Google+ Album which has more photos of my shopping trip and Energizer Headlight uses. You can also stay up to date on the latest happenings with Energizer, on their facebook page.

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