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Freshenening Up Stinky Feet & Burnt Popcorn with Airwick Scented Oils

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Freshening Up Stinky Feet & Burnt Popcorn with Airwick Scented Oils

Between stinky feet, burnt popcorn, sweaty boys, wet pull-ups, and a variety of cooking aromas, the smells in this house can be overwhelming. The older my boys get, the stinkier they get! We’ve got a long ways ahead of us too, so I have got to figure out a way to keep my house smelling nice. Otherwise I may never be able to have company over again!

Aside from candles, I had actually never tried many ways to freshen the air in my home. I have always wanted to know how well other methods work, and since I recently received a variety of scented Airwick products, I thought I would give them a try.

It was almost like Christmas when I opened up my box of 8 large packages of Airwick scented oils. These are the kind of air fresheners that plug into the wall, and you can switch the scent out anytime you want. Another feature I love about the plug-ins is that you can select how strong you want the fragrance to be emitted into a room. If you have a small room you are trying to freshen up, you may not need as high of a setting as say, your common living areas.

Because I have a two-story house, I like to have one oil going upstairs and another going downstairs. I feel like I can get a lot of the house covered that way. After all, some smells are stronger upstairs, while others are stronger downstairs. I won’t go into which smells I’m talking about here. I’m sure you get the idea.

The thing about these large packs of Airwick scented oils is that you can purchase them at Sam’s Club for a 38% savings, versus purchasing them at Walmart! For a limited time only, you can try the National Parks scents such as the Grand Canyon. Exclusive to Sam’s Club are the new scents, “Bright Citrus Splash” and “Ocean Spray with Sparkling Sea Minerals”. By purchasing at Sam’s Club, members can also choose between a bonus warmer or a bonus oil!!

I don’t know if I can choose a favorite scent, but the Island Paradise is definitely up there. I’m not into floral scents too much so I haven’t tested the Magnolia one yet, but I have tried the Citrus Splash and Hawai’i and I am enjoying those as well. I tend to like the refreshing fruity smells. I also let my mom have one of the Lavender oils, which she is enjoying!

Get your freshening on with the new exclusive Airwick Oils, from your local Sam’s Club! They make me and my home happy!

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  • I didn’t know the plug ins let you pick how strong you want the scent. I have been worried about buying them thinking they are going to be way to strong smelling for our house.

  • I so get the stinky feet thing! I have 3 guys in my house and it’s grossness! I’ve started using Air Wick too because it makes the house smell so much better!

  • I am SO glad that I am not the only one with stinky boy smell. I love my son dearly but he is 11, and we have to CONSTANTLY remind him to wash his clothes, take a shower, clean his room. We call him our little tornado b/c he stink and destruction follow him everywhere!

  • These kind of products make it impossible for me to go some places. Like many people, I am chemically sensitive and if I am exposed, I get a headache that lasts for hours. I wonder how toxic they are to others, as well. I don’t think I could in good conscience expose children to them, even if they didn’t suffer like I do.

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