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Hair Thinning and Hair Loss: What’s a Man To Do?

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Hair Thinning and Hair Loss: What’s a Man To Do?

I have experienced hair loss on my head since my late 20s.  It has become much more apparent in the last couple of years.  The thing that makes it difficult is the fact that loss of hair goes with age.  Yes, my hair isn’t going gray yet, but it is disappointing when you turn your head down in the mirror and see the thinning areas.  Within the last year I have been able to see the thinning spots from simply looking straight into the mirror.  This is just a constant reminder that I’m not as young as I once was.  It can be depressing because it doesn’t seem like it is going to get any better.

My mother once was a cosmetologist and she has told me to massage my hair in the shower but that doesn’t help.  Another cosmetologist told me not to use really hot water on it.  That didn’t seem to help either.  What is a man to do without taking great measures such as a wig or surgical implants.  When I think of curing hair loss I think of Hair Club for Men but I don’t want to enter that realm of implants.

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My wife introduced me to Viviscal so I decided to try out the Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers, but was a little nervous of how they would make me look!  The process was very easy and probably only took me a couple of minutes.  I just sprinkled the fibers into my thinning spots and then ran my fingers in my hair to spread the fibers around evenly.  To say the least, I looked a lot better for church that day. My wife’s grandma even complimented me on my hair!
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As I got ready to try it out, my wife told me there were also supplements  called Life2good Viviscal Man, used for hair growth and I thought that was pretty cool.  See, I am not a fan of covering up a problem with a mask;  I like to get to the root of the problem.  I am okay with using something until my body can start producing more hair itself. Plus, the fibers wash out with shampoo so you can change things up daily! So now I can use the mask until the real stuff starts growing in. If nothing else, I think I will feel a little more confident when walking across the stage of my chiropractic graduation on Friday!

In visiting the website a bit, I read that there are some scientific studies that have been done in their efforts to let people know that they have a 75% chance of thicker hair in 6 months.  Go to the Walgreens website for a 10% off coupon and you can get free shipping too.  Use “VIVISCALMAN as the coupon code.  Please consider giving your husband these supplements for Father’s Day if he is complaining about his hair loss. Might make for one confident man!

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  • Wow – you can really see the difference! I have someone in my family (won’t name any names) who needs to hear about this! Forwarding your post now!

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